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Symbols claim that you have inflammation in the middle ear and avoidance tips


Osteoarthritis is a problem that many people do not know. It is a bacterial or viral infection that affects the middle ear, causes severe inflammation and often affects children, and in adults and young people, there are some signs of middle ear infection.

According to the website maioclinic There are signs of osteoarthritis:

Ear infection
Ear infection

Signs of otitis media

1: severe pain in the ear, especially when lying.

2: Difficulty and problem of sleep.

3: Continuous crying in children.

4: Difficulties in listening and reacting to sounds.

5: Loss of balance.

6: Very high temperatures.

7: headache in the head.

8: Loss of appetite.

9: Hearing impairment.

10: Fluid emptying of the ear.

There are some tips to avoid infection, otitis media and infection by viruses and bacteria

Middle ear
Middle ear

1: Pay attention to hand washing constantly especially when eating and after using the toilet.

2: Keep away from crowded places transmitted by infection and viruses.

3: Avoid smoking.

4: Mothers should breastfeed, where breast milk contains a large amount of vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the immune system and protect against illness.

5: Attention in the nutrition of vegetables and fruits and from non-alcoholic drinks and alcohol.

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