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The new drug turns cancer into a chronic disease and not as a "killer"

The new drug turns cancer into a chronic illness and not like

Source: Shorouk Mohamed – Erm Nevs

British scientists have discovered a therapeutic revolution that could reduce cancer from fatal illness to a chronic condition by developing new drugs within the £ 75 million program that is "the best chance to overcome the disease."

Instead of the dramatic "shock and horror" of chemotherapy with its severe side effects, they will target ways to stop cancer resistant cancer cells, in combination with existing drugs, and will overcome tumors or neutralize their growth to allow patients to live longer .

About 300 experts at the leading center run by the British Research Institute for Cancer Research, which is due to open next spring, will change the approach from "fighting" against all types of cancer to "management," reports Daili Mail.

Professor Paul Vurkman, who headed the institute, said a new generation of cancer treatments could have been introduced across the NHS in 10 years.

"We firmly believe that we can find ways to make cancer a long-term controlled disease and, more often, a curable patient, so patients can live longer and have a better quality of life. The idea is that even for the most serious types of cancer," We can make patients live longer, We keep the disease under control, which is similar to the way people can control HIV. "

"The main focus will be on the evolutionary targeting of cancer cells through a series of treatments, and researchers will use artificial intelligence to anticipate how cancer reacted when treated with a drug."

The researchers found that the combination of the 3 targeted drugs could inhibit the development of colon cancer cells, although cancer cells resisted the first two antibiotic attacks during the experiment, but were unable to refuse a third attack.

The institute also establishes the first group of drugs in the world that targets the cancerous "Darwin" ability to develop into treatment-resistant.

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