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The sudden amendment surrounds the "Qatar World Cup". Iran takes advantage of the crisis


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At moments of increased pressure from the International Football Association indirectly in Qatar for suspicion of his ability to gain access to the World Cup in 2022, Tehran entered into line in an attempt to exploit the predestination of its ally Doha.

According to press reports, Iran offered to host some of the teams during the tournament, which will be the first in the Middle East, FIFA president Ghani Infantino, has already indicated contact with several countries of similar opportunity.

In response to AFP's question on the possibility of Qatar agreeing with the Iranian offer, Secretary-General of the High Committee for Projects and Organization of Heritage at the World Championships 22, Hassan al-Thavadi said that Doha received "several offers from countries in terms of domestic teams ".

"It has not been decided on this issue yet and the issue of the debate remains," he said, adding that any similar action (which hosts other teams) is "part of our practical plan".

But he stressed that "it is obvious that he will (continue to) connect with the approval of the International Federation of Football", adding: "This is a discussion that will be closer to the date of the tournament", scheduled in November and December 2022.

Iran seeks to exploit and shame the Qatari crisis through an alliance that obliges them to participate in teams participating in the World Cup in an attempt to get out of their isolation as a result of the re-imposing economic sanctions on the United States for terrorist activities.

The ability to host some teams outside of Qatar, by studying the proposal that supports Infanino, increases the number of World Cup teams in 2022 from 32 to 48, instead of waiting for the World Cup in 2026.

The increase will force Qatar, if adopted, to create new challenges in terms of hosting, establishing teams and absorbing an additional number of fans.

The FIFA presidential plans, which he wants to carry out in 2022, conflict with the fact that Qatar is small and incapable of receiving an event of this magnitude, which was acknowledged by the Qatari officials 'acknowledgment of the host fans' plan.

Despite the impressive picture of the Qatari preparations for the World Cup, the reality on the field looks different, owing to the suspicion that the Doha system could receive a large number of fans between November 21 and December 18, 2022.

Katarina's largest hotel house, Qatar, recently announced the installation of 20,000 hotel rooms on cruises in the bay to accommodate tens of thousands of visitors.

But worse, the plan includes building tents in desert areas near the stadium to host the World Cup.

It seems that this has led to the participation of other countries in the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, when he said: "We need to see if this is possible and feasible, we are looking at it with our friends from Qatar and other friends in the region and hope that this will happen. "

State sources said earlier that the small country hopes to host a million and a million visitors during the month of the World Cup, mainly in the capital, which will cause a major burden on the Doha infrastructure and surrounding areas.

The rain that struck Qatar on Saturday showed the exhaustion of the country's infrastructure and the lack of readiness for such sudden events, knowing that rain is expected to be held during the World Cup in autumn.

Since the announcement of the victory of the Catarina dash at the World Cup eight years ago, there are doubts about corruption due to the way in which Doha established the World Cup due to charges of bribing tens of millions of dollars to officials of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) and continental and local unions.

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