Monday , November 29 2021

To fight obesity .. It is required to remove fast food and sweets in prominent places


Seventy percent of food and beverages in high-fat stores, sugars and salt, supermarkets and supermarkets have warned of the removal of fast foods from the entrance, trails and exit points, according to the Sun report. It's hard to find, say health officials.

Remove junk food and sweets from the eyes of consumers
Remove junk food and sweets from the eyes of consumers

The status of chocolate, chips and cakes in prominent areas encourages people to buy more, which leads to obesity.

A poll conducted in some stores revealed that only an average of 1% of healthy fruits and vegetables is on average.

Public Health in Britain proposes five servings of fruits and vegetables daily, which should account for more than a third of our food.

Sugar increases the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes and heart disease later in life, according to the paper.

It is expected that the government will launch advice on promoting junk food as part of its strategy to combat childhood obesity.

She pointed out that sugars that are visibly displayed on shop corridors or in-store shops are very attractive to everyone, and especially children to force their parents to shop, because there is a need to work to create a healthy environment for families across the country.

Some supermarkets seem to take positive steps to reduce sites that promote unhealthy foods, and the World Health Organization (VHO) urges governments to limit the status of unhealthy foods and drinks at prominent locations in supermarkets to help families make healthy choices during shopping. "He said.

The fast food regime is hidden from the consumer's eyes
The fast food regime is hidden from the consumer's eyes

"Food and sugar drinks at prominent locations are unacceptable," said Brioni Sinclair of the World Fund for Cancer Research. "Milk foods must remain unattainable and beyond the reach of" vulnerable "children, as they attract customers to bring an unhealthy decision at the last minute.

Many of these foods and drinks contain more sugar than the recommended daily intake of small children, she said, noting that eating too much sugar can lead to weight gain or obesity, which increases the risk of 12 different types of cancer.

"People want to buy various goods at the supermarket and will not be long before the chocolate treatments like cigarettes are hiding in a supermarket," said Christopher Snovdon of the Institute of Economic Affairs. "Pizza will be guided by placing it at the top of shelves, out of reach of children and children" at risk ".

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