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«Treasure Hattab»: Saudi-Japanese cooperation Animated production


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16 minutes on November 15, 2018
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November 14, 2018 / 19:26

Tomorrow, the MBC1 will feature a social animation film "Hutab Treasure", which is the first joint Saudi-Japanese joint artistic collaboration, and shows Hattab's journey in search of treasure between Najda and Baghdad.

The film was signed by Japanese director Kazuo Takinuchi, who has a human and educational dimension, and in Arabic and Japanese, as well as a copy of the Saudi dialect by a group of stars, such as Asiq al-Zahrani, Habib al-Habib, Rimas Mansour, Zuhair Mohammad Rashid and others.

Manja Productions, a subsidiary of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Foundation (MESC), is a leading producer of creative content through the production of targeted animations and video games for different community segments at the local level. It works on empowering young people and providing talented people with the ability to support and provide them with the expertise to serve their communities in the Kingdom and around the world. "

"Manja Productions" Essam Amanullah Bukhari said yesterday in a statement that the company plans to launch a large number of animation projects and video games that will bring the Saudi message to the world public in professional work. "We want to present a cultural message to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab world in an interesting and innovative way to contribute to the preparation of future generations and to upgrade our values ​​and ethics of our society."

The project began with the Japanese company Toi Animation for half an hour of television, be the first fruitful collaboration outside the production of art, television and film, in order to prepare young people and give them the opportunity to take advantage of Japanese experiences. "In our company, we focused on how to present our Saudi, Gulf and Arab identity in a beautiful way that shows the spirit of love between husband and wife and good neighborly relations," Buhari said. We also focused on our ethics, values ​​and culture, to which we are proud and proud. "

The contract with the Japanese company includes an item that provides young men and women in Saudi Arabia with the opportunity to train similar projects in Japanese studios by contractors and producers from Japan. They interviewed 30 young men and women from Saudi Arabia and chose them for 11th 10 weeks, with the goal of working on the localization of this industry to come out with clean production in Saudi Arabia.

Before the Arabian audience watched the movie, for the first time through MBC1, Japanese "Hutab Treasure" was presented in Tokyo as the first Saudi caricat broadcast in gold time at one of the most popular local television channels.

The film is a story inspired by popular legends from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula and depicts a story about the woodcut Abdul Rahman, who lives with his wife in Ashikar, Saudi Arabia, and comes to sleep to see the mysterious man who ordered him to go to Baghdad in search of buried treasures beneath his eastern doors and sponsors To enrich it. The characters were designed by Hiroshi Shimizu, owner of various animation works, including "Megalo Bok".

"We look forward to a great animation industry in cooperation with Saudi Arabia and Japan," said Kazuo Takinuchi, director of "One Piece Movie 5" and "Dragon Ball Movie 3". We used the information we discovered about Saudi Arabia and I am curious about the transfer of Japanese culture to the Arab world through the portal of the Kingdom through this joint action. "" I hope we can do something unique and enjoyable, "he said.

"This film has given me the opportunity to address the leading artists in Japan through our direct participation in all details of the project," said art designer Mohammed Zafairi, who worked on the first art project with Manga Productions. "We get experience and share it with the Japanese team and we are working hard to develop it. At the same time, we enhance the Japanese content with stories and design that they never had before." Actress Zuhair Mohammed Rashid spoke about the working environment and his message, said he also played the character of an Iraqi man who encounters a tree inside the mosque, describing him as "a clear personality that confirms that money is not worthless without family and homeland." He emphasized that the message of the film is "pride of the homeland and family, and those who are behind the money, we say that you are invited to do it, health is not bought with money, love and family do not come gently buried because it is a real treasure".

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