Sunday , October 2 2022

We will not try to look at the student elections again


The Lebanese League stressed the interest of the students of the Lebanese Party that "we will no longer accept repression at the Lebanese university, and we will not accept that all students in Lebanon use their democratic rights and this right at the national university," he said.

"Ten years and student elections at the University of Lebanon are in a deep coma, and the voice of the student is killed, and the wings of his freedom are sealed, and the question remains in his free conscience," he said in a statement: "How much the voice of riots and repression will remain above Voice? He asked his only sin that he had chosen "the University in the Homeland of Freedom and Democracy." How Much Fear and Fear Will Spread among the "Lebanese" Students? Is the suppression of the freedom of the students the beginning of suppressing the freedom of their republic?

The Department emphasized that "the issues are many, and with each passing year it is increasing and increasing by insisting and demanding that right, and thus by entering the country in a new era and a new parliament, is not it time for the return of political life and the return of student elections to our limited university, "Explaining that" pupils of the Lebanese forces are ready, but some of the decisions and intentions are absent. "

"As a student of the Lebanese forces, we promise that we will try to see that the democratic scene takes place again in the faculty campus," she said.

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