Thursday , March 4 2021

WhatsApp is suspending controversial updates to its data policies

Madar News, published 16.01.2021 11:28

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The company decided that “WhatsApp” should stop updating its user data saving policies, which caused wide controversy and encouraged many users to leave the application.

WhatsApp has confirmed that users will not be able to block or delete their accounts in the application until the eighth of next month, and users will be able to get acquainted with the new guidelines until May 15 next year.

WhatsApp said, “The recent update does not extend its ability to provide data to Facebook, which owns the application, adding that it will not provide information about the user’s residence or his contacts to Facebook.

WhatsApp’s plans to update its privacy policies have caused concern among many users, as the update indicated that the WhatsApp app would share information with other Facebook products. With the aim of “improving the work of services” provided by the company.

With the exception of users in the European Union and the UK, users have been notified of the need to accept the new guidelines or remove the application by 8 February.

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