Friday , June 2 2023

A powerful laser will help you communicate with alien civilizations


It would be possible to detect such a laser even from another galaxy, as long as one observes the Earth. True, no one has yet created such a powerful laser, but even current lasers can be configured to observe radiation from one-third of the distant stars of the galaxy as an observer.

The new study accurately examines these aspects of laser interstellar signaling. The laser beam is about 1-2 megawatts, which focuses on the radius of the telescope from 30 to 45 meters. Both technologies do not yet exist, but in the next five years this will become reality. Such a system would allow the detectable signal to be transmitted for six kiloparks – three quarters of us from the Galactic Center.

We can draw a signal to cover the vital zones of the star, so we do not have to sign up for a particular exoplanet, it would be enough to send the signal to the stars. In this signaling it is theoretically possible to contact another civilization for decades or centuries, depending on the distance to its planet.

In addition, the laser could serve as a megabit per second of the data transfer rate channel, so it is in contact with an alien civilization that we can communicate with it. Of course, only if there are such civilizations anywhere near.

The results of the research were published in the Astrophysical Journal.

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