Sunday , January 29 2023

Atletas ran for the first time in Britain, defeated 2882 kilometers in 157 days


Ross spent 337 years in Edgley's water for 157 days and won 2.883 kilometers. He traveled six hours later and spent the night accompanied by support teams on board.

Hundreds of swimmers were flooded in the last two kilometers. He was brought to the coast in Margate, in southeastern England, where he first traveled with Edglei.

The sportsman, who planned to stay for 100 days, said on his shore to his close friends: "Sorry, I'm late."

He said that for the first time, he felt relief to the first shore.

"I was very worried that my legs would not last," the athlete said.

The World Outdoor Swimming Association has indicated that Edgley has been hit on extreme weather conditions during the endurance test, sponsored by Red Bull energy drinks maker, and the jelly was injured 37 times.

Organizers say Edgley doubled the record for the longest seaway, which has so far been 73 days.

He also achieved a new record, possibly breaking the distance between the southernmost and northernmost points of the United Kingdom – Lands End Cape and John O & # 39; Groutz. The Athlete overcame this distance in 62 days.

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