Saturday , June 3 2023

Award of the project "Directorate Lithuania"


It evaluates people, institutions, organizations and communities that, through their activities and ideas, encourage the emigration of their compatriots to return to Lithuania, help integration and work in their homeland.

"The modern world, the fast world, the desire for a better life and the pursuit of success often outweigh the very important feeling – the craving of the earth and the earth, cracks, but it does not erase it from our hearts. The worst thing is when you decide to return to the wall of indifference and ignorance. The purpose of the project, "The Directorate of LITHUANIA", is to help those who have decided to return to their homeland and come there. All the ideas, projects and sincere support returned here are the greatest gift to Lithuania for the centenary, "said Saulius Skvernelis, .

According to the report, following last year's tradition, the most advanced and up-to-date initiatives were awarded in four categories. The prize "To encourage return to Lithuania" was awarded to the Higher School of Economics "Invest in Lithuania". Unique programs "Work in Lithuania" and "Cri for Lithuania", organized by this organization, encourage foreign experts to return and start a career in Lithuania, enable the adjustment of the experience acquired abroad to the public sector in our country.

The Association of Local Authorities of Lithuania and the project "Global Regions" have been assigned to contribute to assisting returnees. As part of this project, the Municipal Association seeks to extend the borders of Lithuania by integrating the Lithuanians who have left Lithuania in the life of their home town and city, giving them the opportunity to contribute to the creation of economic prosperity here by publishing the potential of the region. Currently, 15 municipalities are included in the project.

The Taurage Municipality's "Global Taurage" project has been honored to help establish Lithuania. In an effort to integrate the outgoing Tauragians into their home country, they were given the opportunity to contribute to the economic well-being of the city. Emphasizing the ongoing support and strengthening of communication with emigrants, informing them of new initiatives, doing business, promoting the development and implementation of ideas in Taurage.

This year, a new nomination for private business was launched – "For encouragement to return to work in Lithuania". It was won by AB Nasdak Vilnius. This company is actively seeking to attract Lithuanians living abroad to return to life and work in Lithuania. Company officials go abroad, telling local communities about Nasdaq and what opportunities they could expect from returning here. The company has successfully collaborated with talents in Lithuania, we have been linking the Lithuanian programs for several years, successfully completing studies in Lithuania abroad and providing a chance for practice in Nasdak.

The government office awarded the Kriptis Lietuva Prize for the second year. Their goal is to honor and evaluate budgets and public institutions, non-governmental organizations, communities, socially responsible business enterprises and private individuals who, on their own initiative, encourage the remnants of their compatriots to return and work in Lithuania, advise on return or intent to do so, help integration into people who came after many years spent abroad.

Applications could be made by budgets and public institutions, NGOs, communities, businesses and individuals. The initiative was assessed and selected by the Government Office.

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