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Carrying out a Fuel Price Survey – discovering sales tricks


2018 There were large fluctuations in the fuel prices market, conducted a survey of fuel prices at Lithuanian gas stations. It was estimated that the price of crude oil in the markets rose for the consumer when the price of crude oil began to rise, but the same rapid opposite trend was not observed in the rest of the oil.

Research on fuel prices and the monitoring of crude oil prices show that last year the price of barrels of oil on the world market reached 75 euros and then fell to 45 euros.

The average price of petrol on Lithuanian petrol stations was 1.28 euros and fell to 1.13 euros per liter. Diesel fuel continued the appreciation trend last year, starting in 2017. summer. In October, liters of diesel cost a liter of petrol.

2019 In January, fuel prices continued to decline. Fuel price research showed that 1 liter of A95 petrol drivers in the first month of this year lowered the price by 2.2 percent and 1 liter of diesel fuel by 3.2 percent.

Fuel prices in Lithuania in 2018 fluctuations in crude oil prices. It was noted that consumer spending was higher at higher gasoline pumps only after rising crude oil prices in the markets, but did not reduce the price of crude oil as soon as possible.

The highest increase in the price of crude oil was recorded in September last year, when its price on the world stock market exceeded the threshold of 75 euros.

The record price of oil has been realized since 2012. the price of crude oil reached a threshold of 100 euros per barrel.

True, the price of oil fell already in early November, and in December last year it reached a low of 45 euros.

At the end of the year, the price stabilized, reaching 53-54 euros per barrel, which is in 2017. at the end of the year and 2018 the initial price level before the events in Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and elsewhere. OPEC has reduced crude oil production to stabilize its downward trend.

Probably in 2019 prices of crude oil will range between 53-61 euro per barrel, but due to the unstable geopolitical situation in the world and threats to slow economic growth, these forecasts can only be theoretical.

The average fuel price survey shows that in 2018 the average market price of gasoline and diesel fuel varied drastically.


One liter of A95 gas stations in the Lithuanian petrol station participated mostly in September (€ 1,278), and at least in December (€ 1,127).

During the year, the highest price was recorded at the petrol stations Circle K and Orlen Lietuva in October, when 1 liter of A95 gasoline was sold for € 1,346. The lowest price was set at the petrol station in Jozo in December, when a liter of gasoline cost 1.04 euros.


The price of diesel fuel in 2018 is less than gasoline. He grew more than he fell. Average prices for the mountains were achieved in 2018. In October, when 1 liter of gas stations was on average € 1,251, the lowest average price was € 1,086 in March.

Research shows that the lowest in 2018 The price of diesel fuel belongs to the petrol station Jozita, where the price of diesel fuel in March amounted to 0.98 euros. The highest price of diesel fuel last year was recorded in the K and Orlando circuit in Lithuania, where in October it cost 1,316 euros for 1 liter.

It should be noted that in 2018, when the gas station equal prices of gasoline and diesel.

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