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Five more members leave the Liberal Movement


The winds of change continue to breathe in the Klaipeda Liberal Movement. At the beginning of last week, Mayor Vitautas Grubliauskas officially announced his retirement. Subsequently they were taken over by Deputy Mayor Judita Simonavičiute, Council members Arvidas Cesiulis, Vaida Žvikene, Vidmantas Plečkaitis and former deputy manager Elid Mantulov.

Members who come from the party see the breasts and populism in the current liberal actions. This was probably one of the main reasons for leaving. Other liberal port cities are the opposite.

Some shake, the others are left

"The section has chosen a gigantic path, so I can not and do not want to participate in such a process – it is a city in which all citizens of the city are waiting for decisive decisions, and not guessing." The decision was not easy, I do not exclude the possibility of applying to the election committee Vitautas Grubliausk, where the responsible, responsible Klaipeda people gather. I will also choose this route, "said V. Zhvikene, a member of the Council," West Express ".

DECISION The decision to withdraw from the Klaipeda Liberals was also adopted by Vaida Zhvikene, a member of the Council. It does not exclude the possibility of submitting a request to the Electoral Board of Mayor Vitautas Grubliauskas. Photo editorial archives

Last Friday, Elida Mantulova, Deputy Director of the Klaipeda Municipality, who has not yet resolved her future, was asked to be removed from the Liberal Movement.

"I think Vitautas Grubliauskas is one of the strongest candidates for the mayor." The decision was long overdue, my opinion is liberal, and the liberals have come to the path of populism and do not defend their values. And not only the Klaipeda Department, maybe it was influenced by electoral competition, "explains E. R. Mantulova, Rector of the University of Klaipeda.

Support for Mayor V. Grubliauskasa also expressed his deputy, Arthur Sulcas, but unlike many others, he did not care about leaving Klaipeda's liberal ranks.

"I do not change the crime. The entire faction has supported Vitautas Grubliauskas as mayor and I continue to think that he is the best candidate for these positions from existing candidates." Whether the party will succeed in democratically trying to break it, I can not say while I am a member of the party, "A. Schulz

Such speech by the vice-speaker surprised Seimas, a candidate nominated by the Klaipeda Liberals to mayor Simonas Gentvilas. He asked whether the deputy mayor was actually liberal.

"Everyone has the right to your own opinion, but it's a little weird if you are left behind and you vote for a candidate for another party, and then I personally have my opinion on Arturas Sulci and I will tell her in some cases.

Arthur Sulcas recently spoke of anti-liberal issues, condemned the job, humiliated him. Sometimes it looks like a person is really in that party. So much contempt for the clapper's work and harbor … The mayor of the city simply can not say that in the city that was the most attractive in Lithuania in history, "S. Gentvilas learned his position.

The new ones will be replaced

Saulius Budinas, director of the administration of the Klaipeda municipality, regards the readiness of some colleagues to leave the port's ports in the harbor, does not see problems. He assured that the unit has many members.

"People choose their way and there they are, I hope that everyone will remain liberal in their lives and so much. The withdrawal of six people is not a blow", – S. Budin briefly commented on the situation.

S. Gentwilas assured that the Klaipeda Liberal Movement would complement 5-6 people. On Monday, Neringa Iskkute, president of the Lithuanian Department of Art Unions, Klaipeda, was presented to a new candidate.

"The new people are coming, the Liberal Movement continues, unfortunately, some older liberals have decided not to support young people and their perspectives, but to continue their self-confidence, which is their choice." The new faces will not be next, and next week we will present a person from the social sphere, "- S. Gentville.

He held a meeting

The claydean liberals, who paid for the changes, held a meeting in the presence of S. Gentvilas. According to him, it is necessary for members to define what is agreed and why.

One such question is the concept of the general plan of the city, which the Council decided on Tuesday. However, for one reason or another, on Tuesday there will be no Council or decision, so the issue is postponed again and will be discussed on November 29 and 30.

Seimas S. Gentvilas, a member, did not hide that disagreements on this issue were among Klaipeda's liberals.

"It seems to me that the disagreements began much earlier, the desire to survive and do the job we planned, that the liberals do not change the direction, they will try to work together, we discussed the issue of the general plan of Klaipeda, a camp that advocates quick reception, others the camp wants a discussion ", – said S. Gentvilas.

However, according to V. Zwicken, a member of the Liberal Group of Claypes, a unique liberali, S. Gentwilas raised two conditions: he did not change the concept of Klaipeda's general plan and cancel the investigation of the Klaipeda scandalous mark.

"These two conditions of Simone did not get support. Overall, we kept the position that we should be in one faction," V. said. Zwicke.

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