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In Brazil, no genitals, a girl who was raped by her wife's wife Sport


The body of the footballer was found on October 28 in the southeastern Brazil, in Sao Jose dos Pinhais.

It is said that the murdered footballer had a throat and cut off the genitals.

Edison Brittess Junior, a 38-year-old businessman, was already found.

A man does not deny his guilt and says that he has done this by defending his wife and daughters.

Twitter picture / Brazil is an unprecedented scandal

Twitter picture / Brazil is an unprecedented scandal

According to him, the conflict took place during the birthday of a daughter on the occasion of the 18th birthday. During his time, Daniel Correa closed the bedroom where his wife's wife slept and tried to rape her.

The house broke the door and defended his wife.

"I did it not only for my wife, but for all Brazilian women. Ultimately, it could be any of your sister, daughter or woman," the Accused charged Brazilian citizens with television.

The fact that a football player really wanted to work with his wife's business proves the recent publication of his messages to his friend and photos he sent to the VhatsApp gadget.

"There are many women sleeping in various rooms in the house, and my mother's birthday will come to her, even though her father is somewhere nearby," wrote friend Danijela Correa and sent some pictures of the woman next to her.

Daniel Correa, who plays for the title, belongs to the famous club in Sao Paulo, but has recently been engaged by low-level Sao Bento visitors.

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