Monday , March 27 2023

J. Valanciunas collected a double duplicate, and Raptors did not have much trouble with Knicks


Toronto Raptors (12/1) team, increasing the haste from the other half, without much trouble 128: 112 (25:25, 28:39, 29:36, 28:30) broke the New York club (4/9) and stayed at the top of the Eastern Conference.

The start of the match was better for Knicks (10: 6), although there was not much time for this deficit to end, Raptors did not. Pascalis Siakam equalized and O.G.Anunobi slipped the ball – 13:14. Jonas Valanciunas did not get up and started the match, as Sergei Ibaka looked good after a corner, but he was replaced by the keeper. True, they soon had a mistake on the other side of the square. Fred VanVleet and Delon Vright managed to finish the game in the time of 25:25.

In the second half, Lithuania managed to earn regular and technical outfits, but Raptors had already run 32:29. Soon the pitch was kicked off, while the Toronto team jumped to 43:36. P.Siakam cleared three points, while Kawhi Leonard crossed the two-digit lineup (52:42), and after the second quarter, 64:53 was in the hands of the host.

After a break, Knicks began losing (65:68) goals remotely, but Leonard and Green brought Raitors to calm down – 82:73. The difference began to rise again (93:77), P.Siakam played an impressive match and pulled ahead of Raptors, and before the last quarter, Knicks was already in an unhappy situation – 82: 100.

Until then, Juventus was not higher in the fourth quarter, and Raptors's best score was 111: 91. The hosts chose to win the points and went on to win (122: 105) with a lot of goals and goals from J. Valanciunasa. In the end, this is achieved.

J.Valančiunas scored 19 points on the 21st minute (5/7 doubles, 1/1 t., 6/10 bands), withdrew 10 and brought 1 ball, made an effective transfer, blocked the throw, made a mistake, 3 – broke .

Raptors: Pascalis Siakamas 23, Jonas Valanciunas 19, O. G. Anunobi 16, Sergei Ibaka (8th rector), Kavhi Leonard and Delon Vright – 12th place.

Knicks: Tim Hardau 27, Enes Kanter 15 (15), Mario Hezonja 13, Emmanuel Mudiai and Kevin Knock – 12th place.

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