Tuesday , September 27 2022

L. Doncich did not stop Wizards and continues to fall


Regular defeat at the start of the National Basketball Association (NBA) season at Washington Wizards (2/8) at the exit 100: 119 (24:35, 25:35, 29:17, 22:32) failed to resist Davson's Mavericks (3/7).

The Washington team already lost twice in the first quarter, but before the break, the difference doubled (49:70). A better third round saved the wizards from scratch, but did not allow the download.

Mavericks thus reduced the number of six losers and additionally damaged the wizard season. A team, designed to have easy access to the player, is currently unable to give up the bottom of the Eastern Conference.

Another great match was played by Lukas Doncius, a 19-year-old Slovakian. In 33 minutes he scored 23 points (7/9 colonies, 2/7 three points, 3/3 penalty throws), returned 6 goals, made 3 returns, took the ball once, made 4 mistakes and passed 2 times.

The wizards have hopelessly lost their fight under the basket (33:49) and still can not solve their problems by attacking from far away. The target has reached only 31 percent of the three points (11/35), and in modern basketball it is simply priceless.

Even such an incredible start of Mavericks is far more successful than the last two seasons. In 2016, achieving the third victory for the Dallas Club requires 16 matches, last season – as much as 17.

Wizards: John Vallas 24 (2/6 triples, 10 rebounds), Otto Porter (6 reps, 5/6 triples) and Bradley Beals (1/9 triples, 6 rebounds) after 19, Dvight Hovard (11 years ago), Jeff Green and Austin Rivers after 8 years.

Mavericks: Luke Doncius 23 (6 reps), Vesle Matthews 22 (5/8 three), Dennis Smith (7 rolls) and Harrison Barnes (13 reps) after 19, Dorian Finnei-Smith 11 (5 Deadre Jordan (12 reporter) and JJBarea (8 rolls) after 8.

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