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Laurinaitis, a psychotherapist: why the myths of the 21st century were bombarded with vaccines and myths


According to the WHO data, infectious diseases (diphtheria, tetanus, mumps, rubella, pertussis) were recorded in Lithuania prior to the start of the vaccination program in Lithuania, while only isolated cases have been diagnosed in the last few years. if in 2000 4.4 thousand people were registered in Lithuania. mufflers and 1.3 thousand In the case of rubella, in 2017 only 45 blankets and a case without rubbers were detected. These diseases can have serious long-term and irreversible health consequences, and only the vaccine is protected, according to the statement.

Studies also show that people in Lithuania who are completely opposed to many vaccines are only 4-6%. However, according to experts, if around 5% of people in the country refuse vaccination against vaccinated-controlled diseases, there is a sufficiently high risk of epidemics.

The Internet is the Babylon of our time

According to psychotherapy, social networks and the Internet have become one of the most active channels for disseminating information, whose validity does not control anyone. The freedom of the Internet to express its thoughts and attitudes eventually formed the opinion leaders who believe in a bunch of people.

"On any publicly available website or in social networks where vaccine skeptics choose, there are absurd arguments that vaccines contain autism-induced living animals or claim that they have been vaccinated and vaccinated with those vaccine diseases. Whoever has not heard that" vaccines damage immunity "," cause flu or other illness "," vaccine develops anemia "," can get sick from vaccinated people ", the name is a psychotherapist.

According to E. Laurinitis, the publication of such myths usually does not follow the principle of listening to the other half, or at least seeks and realizes its audience with scientific research, specialist publications or successful stories, as hundreds of survivors, and thousands of lives and diseases such as poisons have remained without the interest of a scientist object.

Apply to emotions

"The person who is part of the information is inclined to understand the reason and logic, but most of the information overwhelms emotions. Most often, the effect of false information or propaganda is directed at such emotions that are difficult for a person to bear as these are basic things as danger and fear "explains psychotherapist.

According to him, the irrationality of dangerous and fearful buttons is difficult to control.

"If the information triggers our feelings of fear, they are part of the" fear channel, "we are afraid of unconsciousness, without giving any kind of logic. When a person feels danger, it's difficult to talk to him quietly. It is possible, but it takes a long time," he says E. Laurinaitis.

Because of fear, stereotypical thinking is hidden, in the case of a specific vaccine, pain pain or medication, lack of knowledge, blindness and rumors, and the choice not to do better because it is expected to be safer.

She encourages her to stay awake and critical

Before focusing on adhesion along with abdominal cavity about 300 years ago, caricatures were rarely formed. However, periodic rinses have sometimes been criticized as dangerous health.

"People can be divided into three groups: vaccine advocates who perceive their benefits, whether skeptical or uninsured, and vaccine skeptics. Most doctors communicate with another group, answer all the questions, speak and explain. Meanwhile, it is almost it's impossible to talk and talk to those who do not want to hear. Even trying to find out every question or myth is difficult to change. Instead, the opposite is true, because even the prefix of "no" information in the mind of a person is thrown and locked, says the doctor.

E. Laurinaitis, a psychotherapist, notes that due to the practice of non-vulgar or non-vaccinated progeny, doctors in Lithuania not only record the growing phenomenon of various infectious diseases, but also return to forgotten fatal diseases that we can protect.

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