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Makima joins Bulgaria – Business Intelligence


Makima Group, the largest trading company in the Baltic States, joins Bulgaria, where it operates the network of T-Markets.

Executive Director of Makima of Bulgaria, Edvin Volk, Capital Publishing Business, said the monk will open two new stores by the end of the year and will total 74. The following year, according to E. Volko, another 7-10 retailers plan to open in Bulgaria.

Recently, the company opened a new concept in T-Market Express, Sofia, which invested $ 1 million. Eur. There is a social area where you can use the internet for free, get a phone, buy a bowl, salad and other dishes.

According to p. Volkovo, 2018 will be the first year when the company will end up with a positive indicator of profit margin, tax, depreciation and depreciation (EBITDA).

Volksvoman predicts Makima's revenues will increase by 40% to 158.5 million. Eur. Last year it earned 113.3 million. EUR revenue.

Makima Group has been operating in Bulgaria since 2005. Last year it was among the ten most popular trading networks in the world for the first time.

Makima Group, managed by Neria Numavius, controlled by Vilnius's trading group, intends to invest about 200 million litas in the next year. Eur, mainly in Poland, where Makima bought the Stokrotka retail network.

The group in the Baltic region manages the retail chains Makima and the electronic food trade Barbora, Polish Stokrotka and Aldika.

In 2017 Makima Group received 2.806 billion. Eur consolidated revenue 4.2% In 2016, its profit increased 2.1 times to 75 million. Eur.

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