Saturday , June 3 2023

S. Prusaitis began her new album "39" in her hometown


On Thursday evening, Saulius Prusaitis was warmly welcomed at Marijampole. In his hometown, he started his new album "39" after Lithuania.

Completion of the tour after a month – the final show "39" will be held on December 15th. In the arena "Žalgiris" in Kaunas. "I'll donate donkey there, and then they'll swallow you," he whispered.

The singer did not hide that he was worried more than usual before the concert in his hometown. "I was scared," he admits. But when I entered the scene, I was not feeling excited. Beginning with one of the new album "Pajuda jaunimas", he told a wonderful story about how Marijampole, as a child, met the boys who became his good friend and this boy today, 30 years later with him on the scene. This is also Laimonas Janč, guitarist S. Prusaitis from Marijampol.

It can be said that Kontets succeeded in "Marijampolian". There was a lot of jokes, and the audience was aware of the joke that the singer transmitted about local customs. The concert was very warm, it was possible to feel that the singer came home. From the middle of the concert, the audience does not sit in their places. At the end of the concert there was no more. The fans had only a beard, but after that he even screamed "thanks" for a long time.

The concert was attended by young singer Igla. Nastupi učenika S. Prusaitis and winners of "X Factors" at teacher's concerts became a tradition, but that was extraordinary. Igle today celebrated its nineteenth birthday. And a huge surprise awaited: S. Prusaitis brought 4 kilograms of cake on the scene, carefully guarded in the closet before the concert. The showroom greeted a young singer with applause, and these tears of her emotions barely traveled.

The concert features all the songs of the most famous new album: "You are not inspired", "Girlfriend's shock", "We found a home", "What are you standing here" and, of course, the title "39". And the most famous hits of S. Prusaitisa: "Year 3016", "We want to dance", "Power forever", "Meile iou", "Sveet sveet" and others.

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