Saturday , March 6 2021

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Buds Pro headset

Samsung has introduced the next generation of wireless headphones, the Galaxy Buds Pro. They feature excellent sound and conversation quality, intelligent ambient noise reduction and improved connectivity to all smart devices – all housed in a modern, elegantly designed case. Galaxy Buds Pro are top-notch headphones designed to provide the best experience for both work and play.

Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Buds Pro headset

“As people look for technologies to adapt to the new routine and lifestyle, the wireless headset market itself and consumer expectations have grown significantly. That’s why today we offer the Galaxy Buds Pro – a compact device that provides a special sound experience for music lovers, as well as enlivens the daily tasks of each of us, “says Simonas Skupas, head of Samsung Electronics Baltics in Lithuania.

Excellent sound quality

Whether you listen to music on the go or use the network on the go, sound quality is paramount. The Galaxy Buds Pro reproduces the full sound provided by 11mm subwoofers and 6.5mm tweeters for deeper bass and richer tweeters. For that reason, headphones allow you to enjoy music the way the artist envisioned – whether you listen to rhythmic hip-hop or sophisticated classical melodies.

However, today, headphones are no longer just for fun – they have become necessary for work as well, and call quality is more important than ever. The integrated three microphones of the Galaxy Buds Pro are capable of distinguishing the user’s voice from foreign sounds, and the Voice Pickup Unit (VPU) function ensures that the interlocutors can hear it with maximum clarity. In addition, Samsung has integrated Wind Shield technology into the new headphones, installing special mesh filters inside the case to reduce wind noise. This solution, together with the more elegant shape of the headphones, allows you to talk to your interlocutors even in windy conditions.

Adjustable ambient noise reduction

The main goal of Galaxy Buds Pro is to enable the user to hear more of what he likes and less of what he does not want. High-performance ambient noise reduction (ANC) technology helps to achieve this. When you want to concentrate on work or, conversely, break away from the outside world and relax, the background noise of the environment can be suppressed by up to 99 percent. or at the level the user wants. If necessary, the headphones can work in the opposite direction – the Ambient Sound function allows you to increase the ambient sounds by 20 decibels. This last feature can be useful for those who work from home and raise children, because it allows the baby to be heard crying and to wear headphones on the street, because it helps to hear traffic noises and avoid danger.

ANC and ambient sound can also work together to allow the headphones to adapt to the environment. Galaxy Buds Pro is able to recognize when the user is talking and automatically amplifies the surrounding sounds and mutes the music being played, even if only the ambient sound mode is activated and the ANC is turned off. When wearing headphones, this technology helps them hear and communicate much more efficiently, making them a useful everyday tool.

Even more intuitive interface with Galaxy devices

Galaxy Buds Pro has an improved interface for Galaxy smartphones and tablets, so it is now able to automatically connect to the device you are currently using. For example, if you watch a video on the Galaxy Tab S7 after plugging in a headset, but suddenly receive a call on the Galaxy S21, the new auto-switch feature will stop the video on the tablet and allow you to answer using the Galaxy Buds Pro. As soon as the call is completed, the video on the tablet will resume automatically and will be heard in the headphones again.

By connecting the Galaxy Buds Pro with other Galaxy devices, you can further expand the quality sound experience. The headphones are equipped with Dolby Head TrackingTM technology, which allows the user to hear sound at an angle of 360 degrees and thus integrate even better into the audio content. Video creators will be able to sync Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Buds Pro microphones for better voice and ambient sound. The game mode in Galaxy Buds Pro will reduce the audio lag behind the video and together with the Galaxy S21 will help you achieve more victories.

Galaxy Buds Pro will allow owners not to worry about the battery. Fully charged headphones can play for up to 8 hours, but an additional 20 hours of listening is provided by the power reserve in the wireless charging housing. When the ANC is turned on, the Galaxy Buds Pro will run for 5 hours, and the cache in the slot will last another 13 hours of playback. If the headphones suddenly run out, a fast charge of just 5 minutes will allow you to listen to music for another hour.

Ergonomic design and comfortable use

The design of the Galaxy Buds Pro is inspired by the previously released Galaxy Buds Live, giving the headphones a new, ergonomic shape. A silhouette that matches the shape of the ear canal improves sound quality, is less noticeable and looks more natural. This design reduces the contact of the headphones with the ear, so they are worn more comfortably, and the feeling of ear clogging is less.

The headphone case, made of 20% environmentally recycled material, has the highest IPX7 certificate in this product series, guaranteeing water resistance. At the same time, the Find in Smart Things app will help you find headphones not only at home but also outside.

You can order Galaxy Buds Pro in Lithuania in advance – from January 14. The headphones are available in phantom black, phantom silver and phantom purple.

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