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Star Opera will crown the first trilogy for Lithuanian children's operas


How is the trilogy of children's operas associated with the Pelikas of the old city of Klaipeda?

I admit: before this interview, I went to the old city of Klaipeda to "meet" my mouse. I'd rather feel that and my ears, when I turned it off, I realized, I even kissed that only "Star Opera" would be successful … I would like to visit this sculpture more often for a spectacular audience.

I even thought that in the Old Town of Klaipeda there are many beautiful small sculptures that artists could do their own works. Here, Melida promotes the Klaipeda State Music Theater by introducing a third opera for children whose main characters are mice. And you could come up with fun or even dramatic scenes about a chimney or a mailbox with pigeons …

Why do you want to play Star Opera?

We look forward to not only children, but also to parents, grandparents and all the towns in Klaipeda in the "Star Opera". We recommend performances for lovers 3-99 years old. Otherwise, the trilogy triumph of operative operations already has several generations of fans. Ten years ago, the children who watched the potato book were able to grow, and Star Star decided to visit her children. I recently met a young mum who graduated from elementary studies, who had recently seen Little Potato and "Macaron Opera". He gave me both plays, describing them as "space" (I understand – nice). I said I would not mind: "There will be a third part in which mice will fly into space." The young mother promised that she would appear with a little boy to see such a miracle …

I would dare say that in the history of Lithuanian music this is the first trilogy of opera for children. We can be proud and enjoy. In the end, the continuation of this world is so popular in the world: triangles of detectives and other genre films are exciting on screens. Why not follow children's creations?

Let's say why this musical miracle started …

Maybe it was in 2005. I, as a director, I read plays and libretto in search of what we could do at Klaipeda's state-run musical theater. The Lithuanian dramaturgical bulletin boarded into the hands of Daive Čepauskaite's "Potato Story". By the way, there is a problem at the time and even today that parts produced by Lithuanian authors have little relevance. There should be a reliable place where directors could find the latest performances in Lithuania, waiting for their "Stars of the Hours".

I liked so much "Potato Story" D. I'm already smiling when I read it, then I became a cookie and finally realized that this job is simply encoded for success. For the then head of the Klaipeda State Music Theater, Stasis Domarkas, I suggested reading the play. At first, he did not show great enthusiasm, but I remember perfectly one morning, when after a traditional meeting in Maestro on Tuesday, he smiled a lot and told Samogitian that I was allowed to build an opera about "sicknesses" …

We started looking for a composer. Luckily, I just met the composer A.Kučinskas. This show is intriguing and, most importantly, she managed to create favorite music children. The wonderful cooperation with this composer continues today.

From the thought of the "Potato story" until its premiere in 2007, it's been two years. The construction was successful – for the entire team of builders we got the "Golden Cross of the scene". Later, the idea was created to create the continuation of the "Potato Story" – "The Pasta Opera". The creative process took time, so the cover "Pasta Opera" rose only in 2014. Otherwise, CD-videos of both children's operas were also released.

And finally, it's a shame for our main heroes – mice – because both of them disappeared into both operas. Therefore, we have agreed with the authors to create a third opera in order to finally restore justice.

"Pasta Opera" simulated the sound of the flight, so the idea was that the future opera needed a flight. So it's easy to get rid of our homeland: the first performance was talking about Lithuanian potatoes, the second on Italian pasta, and the third on the focus on visaton …

How did the stars appear in the opera?

Everything started with the knowledge of the libretto author, poet and playwright Daiva Čepauskaite. We were joking, getting to know, talking, but it was an abstract sign. D. Čepauskaite started the recorder with the composer.

How is the special story about Star Trek that it was decided to first post the dictionary in the performance gadget?

Mice are so "acting" to allow too much … So, the libre appears in words that viewers can misinterpret. In order to avoid such interpretations, we created a glossary that transformed the jargon phrases for small viewers.

How many specialists are performing this show?

In the first opera, the mouse attacked the Kingdom of potatoes, in the second – the macaroni kingdom. Finally, in the third opera, we will celebrate the Kingdom of the pair. I will not reveal the secrets of where and how they live – you will see all this.

The main characters of the entire trilogy reflect the Kingdoms of the Pins hierarchy: this is the King of Birds, Mouse I and Mouse II. Seven mice and the rest of the mice. In the "Old Opera", mice participate in the competition because they want to become famous performers – the star of the show. Then there are characters like Ladi Gaga, Ladi Kuack, Mouse Jackson and Vhite Crov.

But the most important thing is that the king of mothers finally fell in love with Star Trek. And he feels the feeling when he eats well … That was so persistent in the whole trilogy. In his lips, he could remember the pyramid of necessity created by the scientist Abraham Maslov, based on the satisfaction of the most important physiological needs, and above all other, less primitive desires of people (and mice …).

Do you like mice?

It's funny to be afraid of childhood and I do not like them. I'm not kidding Even I do not like toys that show mice or other rodents.

So, works are born not only from love, but also from fear?

Yes, weird paradox. In spite of him, I still carry at least five pieces of mice in my head, which in the future can be used for musical or drama performances.

Specificity of creative work for children – how does it differ from the adult theater?

Children are open and can react quickly. They must be more impulsive, thicker, and stimulate their imagination. I do not mind kids – it must work hard.

They heard that the first two parts of the trilogy were enjoyed by the soloists of Klaipeda's state-run musical theater, for which it is fun to break into the scene and allow them to be children again for a short time …

This is a professional necessity. As a pedagogical pedagogue, I always emphasize that the character story does not start on the scene, but the actor awakens performance in the morning. As soon as he gets up, he must make an effort to become his character and make a difference.

Maybe the rehearsals are fun because the scene has lots of fun things?

On the contrary – entertainment scenes must be dedicated to the hard work. Some scenes are like tweezers in the right direction. You have to strategize and not have fun. But it happens that we experience a catharsis of joy in the rehearsals and we feel very well-structured everything, and during the performance nobody laughs at that stage.

Did the soloists sing in all the trilogy operas?

I'm trying to keep the same performers, but their roles are changing because of a scene change. Only King Pete – Virgilio Pupsis – remains stable and unbeatable. His support will be Kestutis Nevulis, who in his trilogy achieved his career: "Fairy tale of potatoes" was Morka, and in Sparrow's opera Seniors Vermiselionis. Rasa Ulteravičiute performed Little Crusade Parti in the "Potato Story", in "Macaroni Opera" – Lasagna, and this time she became Zibute.

Loreta Darzinite, Akvile Januskaite and Mantas Liekis, soloists who study at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater will also appear in the Old Opera. We'll see more students in big scenes. A total of 40 performers will perform in the opera.

The creative trilogy of the trilogy is professional, solid and unchangeable from the "Potato Story": set designer Arturas Simonis, choreographer Aurelius Liškauskas, costume designer William Shuklite. Only the video artist has changed: this time – Donatas Ravaitis. In addition to him, Star Opera will be another important journalist – theater manager Tomas Ambrozaitis. Dmitry Zlotnik worked as a conductor assistant in all trilogy operas.

Was Star Trek Illustrated Star Trek?

Children need to talk about the disease. Pictures, "labels", "holding" each other on social networks, we strive for recognition at any cost and at all costs. One of the key issues we are dealing with at Star Trek is the desire to become true true values? Or is it a superficial, short-lived essence?

Performance says the highest value is genuine friendship. It's worth thinking about how much we invest in it and whether we teach it to our children.

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