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The image of the astronaut shows a large blue flash in the Earth’s atmosphere


Blue Lightning.

The In this photo, taken by a French astronaut, a blue flash appears Thomas Biscuit.

The astronaut was struck by lightning on the International Space Station last week through Europe. But unlike most lightning, there is electric explosion It was not a group of prickly tendons, but a large blue bubble over land.

temporary event of deterioration, “ Also known as lightning in the upper atmosphere, it was spotted in a time photograph taken by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. That’s incredible Type from lightning differs from flash It happens Storms in the clouds and below them and hair be much larger.

There are sprites, these are extremely strong vertical flashes of red or bluish-green light; nozzles, which are usually blue and located in the stratosphere; and elves, which are electromagnetic pulses at high altitudes. it is also trolls, reminiscent of jets and other miraculously named luminous forms of lightning that appear above the clouds.

The colors of various phenomena arise from the atmosphere; Ghosts appear red on nitrogen on Earth, but Jupiter’s atmosphere is rich in hydrogen As a result, the goblins would be blue.

Since 2018, it has become ASIM Patirtis experience I observed these forms of giant lightning on the International Space Station. that this Continuation of the previous THOR experiment proposed by the Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen, 2015 In the video he shot blue planes and red colors over the Bay of Bengal.

These forms of lightning are very short, so researchers had to go back through Mogensen frame by frame to spot certain phenomena. Similarly, a picture of Pescuet’s last short-lived illuminated event was taken from a longer shot of the night sky.

in a comment for new picture Posted onlinePescuet noticed that the International Space Station is well prepared to photograph such phenomena as it flies over the equator, where more storms occur. As the photo shows, this event appeared somewhere in southeastern Italy.

He wrote: “This lightning is so impressive that it was only noticed by pilots a few decades ago, and scientists were not convinced that it really existed.” Look back a few years and we can confirm that elves and orcs are very real and can affect our climate as well!

More such notes he will surely come And find out more about these amazing things Natural phenomena are so dazzling that they need supernatural names.

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