Monday , March 20 2023

The passenger found a way to avoid paying luggage


Since November, Ryanair has imposed an additional fee for carrying luggage in such a way that many of the low-cost airlines of the airline company were insulting, but one traveler came up with the idea of ​​delivering things without paying money.

Photo Albert Bridge

Photo Albert Bridge

The rules of the new baggage allowance allow for the free transfer of only small bags for each passenger, and a standard 10 kg suitcase requires an additional 8 pounds or a charge of 6 pounds.

But in a short time in Belfast, Lee Cimino decided not to pay any additional costs, but at the same time bring things.

"I love Ryanair, but with these changes they have crossed the borders," said the passenger.

A thirty-year-old man decided to wrap his coat so that he could get into the extra pockets of upholstery in all the things he usually travels to a 10 kg box.

This "sophistication" of his coat cost him about 25-30 kilograms, but put everything in his sewing pockets: from toilets to pairs of shoes.

True, he was tied up on the coat and, until the moment of boarding, he doubted he would be skipped on the plane.

"Protection did not cause any problems – I just put my coat in a plate and checked. I'm worried more about boarding," L. said. Cimino, who successfully flew from Manchester to Belfast.

This is not the first such attempt to avoid new Ryanair cabs. Earlier, a British designer from an Icelandic company returned airplane without paying luggage, wore all the clothes: the man had 8 trousers and 10 t-shirts on the fly.

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