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& # 39; PUBG & # 39; Xbox Update Fikes Movement & Desinc offers a free BP


PUBG the Xbox One was updated to fix the problems of motion and despair, and also offered free BP and cosmetics in the process. PUBG disclosed information via an official blog post on Thursday morning.

PUBG Miramar landscape The latest PUBG updates on Xbox make the character's movement better. PUBG Corporation

PUBG Xbox Hotfik Nov. 15 Patch Notes

Event log

  • As a sign of our gratitude to our players, 20,000 BP and Punk jackets (black) will be received after registering in the game after the completion of the hotfik. Once again, we thank our players for all the support while working on solving long-term problems such as Lost Connection for the host.


Supply system



Custom Match

Corrections of errors

  • A fixed error with the interpolation of the movement which can lead to the apparent delay of movements of other players

  • Removed a problem in which the DLC item of the PUBG limited edition (Male Jacket) appears in the incorrect color

Like hardcore PUBG Ksokok fans will know, today's update is not the first designed to adjust the movement of the game. As early as August, the patch also lived with a focus on these features. About two weeks ago, players noticed the problems with the characters that were moving while they were moving or rolling in the volume or ride. This patch should stabilize these problems and make the feeling of crossing feel precise as it was in the past.

Descriptions and mistakes "Lost Connections with the Host" have recorded obstacles PUBG since he launched and continued to work almost a year later. While it's nice to see a new update in place to improve these shortcomings, it's easy to see why many players have become frustrated by the construction of Xbox. Just a few weeks to go PUBG It launches on PS4, the only one can hope that the launch is a little focused on the Sony console. This hotfix will not change dramatically PUBG , but it fixes some seriously annoying bugs. Also, the gift of free BP never hurts.

PUBG It is now available on the PC and Xbox One. This update is exclusive for Xbox One.

Take trouble with the movement PUBG the Xbox One is solved? Have you got a free BP? Tell us in the comments section!

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