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Aliff Aziz, Bella Astillah officially divorced – Nation

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular singer and actor Aliff Aziz is officially divorced from his wife Belle Astillah.

A 28-year-old Singapore, who could not control his tears, declared on Thursday (May 16th) the "Talak Clock" at the lower court of Siarie.

The court also ordered Aliff, whose full name is Mohammad Alif Aziz, to pay a billion RM a month, starting this month in a squad for his two-year-old son.

During the proceedings, Judge Siari Izat Siazli Murshid asked Bela, whose name is Daiang Nabellah Avang Astillah, her reason for filing a divorce application.

The 25-year-old replied: "Tiada persefahaman (Unfair differences)."

The judge then pressed further and Bella rose and replied, "Because my husband always cheats on me."

She also informed the court that she had evidence in videos and photographs of her husband's unbelief.

On the second question, Bella said she and Aliff had been living separately for more than three months.

Before announcing the divorce, the judge asked the two men to seek forgiveness from one another and reminded them not to ruin another in front of their son.

"From the day you are married, there must be defects on each side. Excuse each other and give your love to your child," said the judge.

Dressed in a black short sleeve shirt and black trousers, Aliff was recently involved in a scandal where photographs of his and other women circulated to social media.

The first time Aliff was hit by a scandal with an actress, Belli publicly apologized and she forgave him.

On March 21, Bella filed a divorce application.

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