Thursday , March 4 2021

BI officially returns as singer and producer with the song “Epik High” “Acceptance Speech” and Epik High comment on his participation

Former icon member WOULD BE has begun the process of its long-awaited official return.

He became a guest artist over the years Epic Highnew album “Epik High Is Here,“released on January 18. BI sings both the chorus and the tail in a song called”Talk“And also participated in composing and writing texts.

Two members of Epic High answered some questions regarding his participation.

Graph said, “I couldn’t help but think of the difficulty of working with BI, but in fact, throughout the process, BI has created a level of perfection that is impossible to give up (for the album). ”

Tukutz commented: “Speech of Acceptance” is a song he worked on together with Hanbin. He also thinks that the melody and vocals would suit BI best. When he chose the songs for the album, this was a “must release” song for him.

Check out the song below from Epic High’s official account.

BI fans expressed their excitement about this return and worldwide popularity on Twitter, and it took third place in the melon search.

His lyrics on the song also touched fans.

“I’m coming home
If you won’t help me
Let me
Put both hands in the sky
The show goes on and on and on “

This important step for BI, who has been taking a break from the entertainment industry for about 2 years; it looks like the former idol will get a fresh start.

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