Tuesday , September 27 2022

Brit firm Avon delivers OE tires for KTM 790 Adventure


NOVA KTM 790 Adventure is one of the biggest new bicycles on the shoal in Milan. And the British tire company Avon took a pretty big blow – it was agreed to deliver KTM with the TrailRider tire as an OE tire for the new mid-size trunk.

These jobs may look like boring logistics from outside. But it's actually a very difficult concert. There is a clear advantage of increased sales as an OE suplier, and many drivers are also holding tire equipment at the time of servicing – so there are more sales. It's a real feather in Avon's stroke that he was defeated by the competition for this contract. The latest TrailRider dual-sport tire will be embedded in all 790 Adventures while leaving the factory – Adventure R will carry more Karoo 3s dirt.

Avon TrailRider

Here is Avon's story about the story.

British motorcycle brand Avon Tires is Original Equipment (OE) for KTM 790 ADVENTURE launched at EICMA 2018 (November 6-11) in Milan.

As a lightweight high-performance bike that is equally pleased on the street and off-road, the KTM 790 ADVENTURE secures wheels in the right terrain for off-road driving. With a 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear pillar, they come with Avon TrailRider pneumatic tires – a dual sports option.

Avon has been developing motorcycle tires for more than a century, and its track rails TrailRider provides extra mileage, stability and grip in all weather conditions on all surfaces.

TrailRider has the latest hull construction technology along with Avon's three gauge gaseous, which provides softer components at the tread edge for greater adhesion; the weight of the central compound for mileage and the coupling agent with low hysteresis below the tread surface. The coupling treads themselves are very high in silica, for excellent wet weather performance.

Using the most compact engine in the segment, the LC8c delivers 95hp, the full package of the brand-new KTM 790 ADVENTURE offers both the machine and the driver many benefits, with the main benefits of ergonomics and handling.

Doug Ross, Global Motor Sales Manager at Avon Tires, said: "We are extremely proud to be the OE for the newly introduced KTM 790 ADVENTURE, and TrailRider is one of our most popular motorcycle tires. The TrailRider is designed to ensure safe grip and handling – and has Avon's well-recognized 3D pipes for fine tuning of flexible tread, improves heating and stabilizes tread blocks under load. The Avon-show KTM 790 ADVENTURE is displayed throughout the entire EICMA broadcast. "

For more information on Avon Tires, or for an overview of Avon's entire range of products and dealers, visit vvv.avon-tires.co.uk.

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