Tuesday , May 30 2023

"I have a lot of offers" – Usain Bolt decides on a football career by the end of November


Olympic shine did not rule out calling the time for a football career and believes that he will be invented to make up for the rest of the month

Usain Bolt has discovered that he can give up his dream of becoming a professional footballer despite having "lots of bids" and will make a decision on his future by the end of November.

Eight times the Olympic champion, 32, could not agree on an arrangement with the Central Sailors on the shore after the trial with A-League.

Bolt has now handed over to the end of the month to make a decision, and while sprint has greatly said he has options, he also made it clear that he is considering quitting his dreams of a football career.

"With the central bank we could not develop contractual contracts, so it's dead, but I have a lot of bids from other clubs," he said on Wednesday.

"Now we're just trying to figure out what [to do].

"We will make a decision by the end of November if I go to another club or I call it actually stops."

Bolt scored twice for Mariners during a friendly in October, but the parties could not agree to an agreement, despite the Jamaican team who confirmed that A-League had made a bid.

Former sprinter is looking for a career in football after he retreated from athletics after the World Cup in London in 2017.

Bolt had previously tested teams in Germany, Norway and South Africa without sending a professional contract.

However, he appears to have turned some heads in Australia because he was offered a bid for the Maltese side of Valletta during the trial, which he refused.

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In addition, the FA President Jamaica said Bolt should show further development of his football skills, could be in line with an international call.

Despite the offer, the reports claimed Bolt and his team were looking for something in the region of $ 1.6 million ($ 2.1 million) for signing Mariners, a mass sum according to A-League standards.

Earlier this month, Bolt was sure to continue looking for a new chance to create his soccer dream, although this optimism seemed to shake up some with the reception that he could stop his search for the club.

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