Monday , March 20 2023

K-pop group Blackpink will no longer accept fan gifts


Blackpink recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and was overwhelmed by the huge number of gifts from its fans.

On Tuesday (October 12th), the K-pop talent agency issued a statement saying Blackpink would no longer accept fan gifts from October 12th onwards.

According to Korean portals, the statement reads: “After Blackpink members have long debated the issue of fan support and gifts for which their fans have put their heart in preparation all these years, we are making this difficult announcement.

“We will no longer accept any fan support or gifts sent by senders by mail to celebrate Blackpink’s special occasions, such as anniversaries (group debut anniversaries, solo debut anniversaries, or birthdays), broadcasts (music shows, radio shows, or variety shows), or concerts (snacks, wreaths). ”

It is further stated that although all four members are grateful for the gifts and support of the fans, they would prefer the gifts to be directed to the places where they need them.

Members Jisoo, Jennie, Rose and Lisa are still fine with receiving fan letters. But all gifts or packages delivered “will either be returned or thrown away.”

Blackpink has achieved global success with many of his songs and music videos such as Kill This Love and How You Like That.

Three of its members (Jennie, Rose and Lisa) also gained additional fame with their respective solo works. Meanwhile, Jisoo will have the first leading role of an actress in the upcoming K-drama Snowdrop.

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