Monday , March 27 2023

Man Utd SHOCK: Jorge Mourinho watched Red Devils Chiefs with SACKING on the agenda | Football Sport


Manchester United manager Mourinho has by now looked confident with a club that enjoys in-form renewal, defeating Nevcastle, Everton and Bournemouth lately.

A month ago, there were claims that the 55-year-old head would turn back regardless of the outcome of the Premier League v Newcastle.

This sparked an angry challenge for fans of Manchester United and former players, and Gary Neville was particularly opposed to the decision.

The results and performance, however, have been drastically improved since then.

United has won three of the last four games in the Premier League, defeating Nevcastle, Everton and Bournemouth.

The unbeaten result against Chelsea and defeat in Juventus were the only low points so far.

With United's moment ahead of the games in Montenegro in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho appeared as a revival.

But journalist Duncan Castles says United still see 55-year-olds, and can deal with an ax, they should get worse.

He said for the podcast podcast: "Mourinho is still fighting for his survival at the club.

"Every match is monitored for a mistake, because of poor results. You saw what happened after Juventus (losing 1-0 in the Champions League).

"You may have read articles about Marcus Rashford, how he played so well for England – which seems to ignore the fact that he recently missed the spectators against Croatia – and so bad for Manchester United and was until then the manager who decided on him in Manchester United, which I think shows the depth of the Mourinho antipathy in the press sections right now, because you can not love Mourinho, you can criticize it in many ways, but if you are able to read a dictionary that would never describe a man as a thin one.

"But the key thing is that he is under pressure, he fought for his life.

"He pushes Ed Woodward, the board, the Glazers, to get reinforcements as soon as possible.

"To be allowed to sign a high-quality, experienced leader in the center of attention is looking for months and months and trying to do a window in January."

In the meantime, Mourinho explained why United has been attacking more recently.

He said: "Because the approach was very defensive (last season) and with a lot of defensive approach, you can better hide your weaknesses.

"So, when the team is really defensive and you have a defensive mind, then you are basing your work on it.

"Then this does not develop well enough in other areas, but the team managed to get results on that basis.

"I'm trying to find the balance in which we are developing the team in the second and first phase of the attack and we are developing talented players that we have without losing balance.

"When we control we have no problems, when the opponent has control, I think the team has problems."

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