Saturday , January 23 2021

Network users who spread malicious comments about Lee Seung Gi were fined about $ 4,600

January 6, singer / actor Lee Seung Gi’s label Hook Entertainment issued an official statement regarding the agency’s ongoing legal battle against malicious internet users.

On this day, Hook Entertainment reported, “Last year, one network user who went to the Daegu Central Court spreading malicious rumors about Lee Seung Gi was found guilty of defaming the character and sentenced to a fine of 5 million KRV (~ 4,600 USD); however, other malicious users continue to commit serious crimes online. The second round of lawsuits that we initiated in September last year is currently underway. “

The tag was then added, “Since September last year, we have continued to collect evidence of various accounts of malicious commenting, publishing and dissemination, and we plan to file a third round of lawsuits by January 15. In no way will we accept any kind of request for settlement or forgiveness of any online criminal. “

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi recently greeted music listeners with his long-awaited return as a solo singer, releasing his 7th full album ‘Project‘.

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