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Ronda Rousei Basicalli Called Becki Linch Beta Snovflake Cuck On Rav This Veek


"Delusion does not make you righteous."
Screenshot: VVE

In addition to his concessions to Saudi Arabia, as part of a major business deal with killing autocracy in the bay, recent VVE programming was apolitical as it was in years. It is such a thing that is more noticeable in her absence, but the classic xenophobic and jingo stories are missing. Donald Trump, who was in the House of Famous VVEs and was once a semi-regular attendant, was not addressed for years, which Bulletin Observer Bulletin editor Dave Meltzer said it was a move that the promotion made because it does not want to alienate its fanbase extremely left, black and Latin. The fact that the former general manager of VVE, who is the wife of the current executive director, has never even mentioned a member of the Trump Cabinet. The only trace of the current political moment, in terms of a story or rhetoric, came from a former member of the Development / Incentive Organization, Dan Matha, who routinely goes to "soybean boys", and similarly on Twitter and when recording a promo program. Even then, Matha is developing, does not play a trick on TV, and has at least five, which means he was wrong with the logic of wrestling. This is an overestimated and overheated moment, but VVE was generally considered capable of getting rid of his special mania while performing his usual overrated, overheated thing.

That seemed to change on Monday night Rav.

Fairy-tale Linch took her to be called "Man" in interviews, which is a game on Ric Flair "Be a Man, You Must Win a Man," and part of her conflict with his Flair daughter, Charlotte. (Linch is largely written as a heel, but he is usually loved by fans and loudly cheering on every show that has risen in the usual dynamics.) Ronda Rousei, who is theoretically good guy in this binary program, laughed Linch- and to work as a steward, among other things, during her break from fighting to recover from a series of head injuries; last week SmackDovn, Linch used the exception and looked like something other than a heel. (Linch also called the former UFC champion a bad opinion, in what seems to be indirectly referring to Rousei's past to retire from the public for months after the loss of the MMA.) Monday, Rav, Rousei explained she did not respect what Linch did for her earnings, noting that since childhood she had been trained to be a fighter athlete, and Linch did not. Well, at least until she responds in a frank strange direction:

"Becky can dry, but she's not sure she's good. Becky, you are So hypersensitive. You're not just "Man," you are millennium man. You're a lean jeans, a v-neck sport, a toast-munching avocado, a skirt of shoes, a millennium man. With intercity ego and perception of porcelain. Someone has to say 'Man' if I was not Charlotte Flair, Rav it's not SmackDovn, and insults do not make you right.

So, you can remove violins, "champion". You're not Oliver Twist, and I'm not some gold baby fund, OK? Every fan I got was watching sweating for every single ounce of their respect. They watched me bleed for every little inch of promotion. They watched me regret every stroke. And I certainly have not found my heart and soul in changing the meaning of "fighting as a girl," so that the leader of a woman's evolution can call "Man."

Anyone who has spent time tracking contemporary silly political arguments on the Internet knows that Rousey promo was close to the full bingo card of the right-wing Triallian rhetoric of the left-leaning millennia. Thinking of the same from avocados, stupid and dated memories that less talk about the breakfast trend and more about the millennium imbalance? Check it out. Check it out. A simple reprinted version of Ben Shapiro's idiotic "facts" does not care about your feelings of "phrase"? Discussion of what was considered a stereotypical "hipster" mode in 2007? Check it out. It is a lorem ipsum text that consists exclusively of Tomi Lahren's promotion.

(VVE did not respond to a comment request if it is Rav segment intended to be politically in nature.)

Vince McMahon's policy is not a secret. His book is heavy for Republican donations and is deeply honored to be the biggest donor ever in the Donald J Foundation. Trumpa. When asked to continue to work with Saudi Arabia after the country's journalists were killed, VVE gave the same basic answer President Trump had when he was questioning the sale of weapons in the country – the VVE's response had to do with the potential effects on their Guide to shareholders in 2018, Trump, who was direct, just said that the jobs were too much money for failure.

Rousey claimed that she was a supporter of Bernie Sanders, but her current policy was something that was a moving target. A few weeks before her first UFC fight, she tweeted a connection with one of Sandi Hook's earliest schools, who recorded the conspiracy theory, and then defended her action when proclaimed in response. Her manager spoke in a circle to try to alleviate the damage, and Trump's UFCa Dana Vhite supporter supported her statement, saying that "people are fucking crazy about the problem". Even when the truth from Sandi Hooka became a legitimate concern for the safety of the victims of the "family, Rousey refuses to apologize, or even return the tweets.

Rouse's defiance and success made her pop feminist icons; her "it is not about something of heaven" the phrase did not stand terribly good, but there was a moment. However, Rousei's issues were not particularly inclusive or informed. She insisted that the transgender identity of the "decision" and especially opposed to trans athletes with intersected athletes with whom she competed with and opposed in judo, which she said she had dealt with "something they did not choose". It used to be roughly mentioned since the retired transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fock had a "tr[ied] hormones, chopping[ped] (It is important to note that Rousei was always strange to someone, even when she did not leave less politically charged questions. Perhaps most unlikely she dismissed legitimate criticisms of her unpublished sexual advice – "If you need a watermelon, then you are lazy" – it's just a bunch of women sex researchers who were "ugly whores of whores" who were jealous of her because "work with the mailbox.")

Regardless of Rousei's personal records, her prom is felt like someone – she, writers, Vins McMahon or some combination – trying out a message by throwing out some well-known political encoded rhetoric. As with the numerous promotions of Rousei, he did not arrive terribly. But that move certainly went through loud and clear.

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