Friday , January 22 2021

The driver of the robbery asked an indecent question, says the female passenger

A spokesman for Graba said that the company was aware of the incident after the passenger published a report on her painful journey.

PETALING JAIA: The 33-year-old accused the driver of Grab of harassment, saying that he asked her an indecent question about her breasts and that he later drove dangerously through the dark-lit roads on the road from Segambut to Cheras.

A spokesman for Graba later told FMT that the company was aware of the incident and regretted what had happened. Grab said that he pursues a policy of zero tolerance towards such harassment, and drivers who insult can be removed or suspended after the inspection.

Hornbeam passenger Sherill Fatihah released a report today on her ordeal during a 26-minute trip on Saturday.

She said that the driver first asked her if her breasts were “real or implants”.

At this point, she told the driver to stop talking. He fulfilled. “He stopped talking, but he looked at me through the rearview mirror. He sped through every bump to make things bounce, ”she told FMT. “I think he was influenced by something.”

Sherill Fatihah, 33, spoke of her plight as a passenger in Grab.

Sherill said that the driver also crashed into the bulkhead after she showed him the desired destination by phone. She claimed that the driver was driving through darkly lit roads all the time and looking in the rearview mirror.

Fortunately, she reached her destination in one piece. “What would happen if I fell asleep, or let’s say the passenger is a woman who fainted in the back seat?” She said.

“What happened made me feel hurt,” Sherill said. “The driver should be banned from driving and prevented from doing any work where women are present.”

A Grab spokesman said users who go through a similar experience should use the “Close Ambulance” button in the app to be able to provide immediate assistance.

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