Monday , November 29 2021

These iPhone backgrounds will cause your phone's problem and make your folders transparent – but that's the point


iphone invisible foldersSean Volfe / Business Insider
  • Twitter user @ heieased Discover the iOS 12.1 problem that makes maps and docking stations on your iPhone's home screen transparent.
  • The problem involves using a specific image as the background of your phone and turning on "Reduce transparency" in your phone settings.
  • Twelve wallpapers for tagged iPhone devices are available, and 11 are available for older iPhones such as the iPhone 8.

In some rare cases, problems with the phone software can really make it more pleasant.

Twitter user @ heieased, who creates the "Mysterious iPhone Vallpaper", discovered the iOS 12.1 problem that makes iPhone's folders and dock transparent. The result is a minimalist look for a home screen that is not conventionally available, considering several of Apple's customization options for their phone interfaces.

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Setting the wallpaper is easy:

  • Go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility, then switch to "Reduce transparency."
  • Then select the wallpaper you want to use. For tagged iPhone devices such as Ks, KSS and KSS Mak, click here. For iPhone without any number, click here. Scroll to colored colored wallpapers, tap one to open it in full resolution and save it.
  • For the iPhone without any engagement, @ heieased recommends using the "Perspective" setting when using the background. He also said make sure you do not move the image before confirming it.
  • For the iPhone X and other toothed models, @ heieased said that he used "Still" setting when applying the wallpaper and turning off "Reduce Motion" in the lower part of the phone. You should not move the image before you confirm.
  • The wallpaper should now be applied, and the folders and dock should be invisible.

Here are the results achieved by Business Insider with the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone KSS Mak:

iPhone 8:

iphone invisible foldersSean Volfe / Business Insider

iPhone KSS Mak:

iphone ks mak invisible foldersSean Volfe / Business Insider

It should be noted that some subtle lines are still visible on the edges of the folder, and precisely above the dock.

The creator of these transparent backgrounds has also released various glitch series of backgrounds, but that does not make your dock and folders disappear. Instead, these "Painter Type" wallpapers cause the background of your phone, folders and all appear as different colors.

Here's an example @ heieased:

Backgrounds like "Painter Types" can be downloaded for designated iPhone phones here, and for the iPhone in no place.

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