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Three priests in Melaka. Fr Lee gave up his marriage to offer everything to God


The last of three children, Father Martinian grew up in a Catholic family that was his "first seminars". At the age of 12, he wanted to become a priest. As an adult, he wanted a family, a career and a "good life". The milestone came during a meeting with Mgr Paul Tan Chee Ing.

Nov 14, 2018

KUALA LAMPUR: The Malaysian church was celebrated by three new priests: Martinian Li Hok Chuan (37), Fr Paul Sia Chau Kiang (62) and Fr Alekuchelvam Mariasoosai (42). Here's the first of three stories. (Text by Lavinia Louis.)

Fr Martinianin Lee Hock Chuan was ordained to Fr Paul Sia Chau Kiang and Fr Alekuchelvam Mariasoosai on November 6th, at the Church of St Theresa in Melaka (southern Malaysia Peninsula). For him, the giving up of a marriage was a gift to God, not sacrifice, because it was the best gift that could give everyone the kind of person you love most.

Local Bishop, Mgr Anthony Bernard Paul, Ceremony (See pictures and video) saw the participation of the whole community. The believers packed the church, and many of them had to follow the service on screens outside the building or in the parish hall.

The last of the three children, Father Martinian grew up in a Catholic family, defining his "first seminary". Although he is very active in the life of the parish of St. Theresa, he, as a boy, had no "personal relationship" with Jesus. In the end, he slowly met him through the relationship he built in the community.

"I always thought that I worked more in the church, I was more Catholic, but when I was growing up, I realized that I knew little about my faith. My relationship with Jesus had to go further than doing things, to be friends with the Bible I needed a life of prayer, "he said.

At the age of 12, Fr Martinian wrote the paper in which he stated his desire to become a priest. As an adult, his aspiration had a family, a career and enjoyed "a good life".

"But I felt that something was wrong, a deep feeling tried to tell me that marriage was not for me. Of course, I denied it, but God was very kind in his approach and never left me."

"My life did not praise God because I did not live in God's will, I missed true joy and freedom."

"After many years, I realized that God does not leave me alone. I was tired of fleeing from him, and so I decided to say that he was God." I immediately felt peace and peace in my heart. "I had the feeling of joy and freedom that I had never experienced before Fear suddenly no longer had. I felt that I could fly, and then I knew that God called me for the priesthood, "said Fr Martinian.

The militia came during a meeting with Mgr Paul Tan Chee Ing, bishop emeritus Melaka-Johor, who asked Li to give up her life and serve God as a priest.

"I replied that I was not fresh enough, and that made me unworthy of being a priest. I told him that I had a girlfriend, I wanted to marry and wanted to have my children."

"It's great," said the bishop: "It means you understand what love is and we want priests to understand the meaning of love. You have to make a jump of faith, which means that there is a deep and dark hole in front of you and you have to jump into that hole in confidence God surely caught you in his hands. "

"That conversation led me to tears, and then I knew it was God's will," said Fr Martinian.–Asia Nevs

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