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[Update: Now on Amazon] Where to buy Google Picel 3a and Picell 3a KSL

In today's great Google I / O keinote, the company officially unveiled the new Pikel 3a and Pikel 3a KSL smartphones, and are now available for purchase. For the first time ever, you will also have more operator choices, so here's where to buy Picell 3a.

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Where to buy Google Pic 3a at the carrier

The biggest news with Google Picell 3a is that, for the first time, it launches to several US operators. It also includes Verizon, but also great names such as T-Mobile and Sprint.


Of course, Picels 3a and Picell 3a KSL will continue to be available from the first Google partner, Verizon. Since the original Picell was first launched, Verizon retained the rights to every generation of devices and resulted in Pikel coming in front of many people. Now with Picell 3a, Verizon is just another option and pretty good.

Just like anywhere else, prices start at $ 399, and Verizon, and monthly prices are currently starting at $ 12.50. The bracket offers both phones in Just Black, Clear Wire and Purple-ish.

The best offer for Google Picel 3a / KSL

T mobil

The big demand from Pikel fans from the first generation was to bring the phone to T-Mobile. With Picel 3a, this desire is finally approved, and the Purple-ish phone connects the magenta carrier. Both Picels 3a and Picell 3a KSL are available from the carrier with all three colors.

As for prices, T-Mobile only charges $ 16.67 per month for standard Picell 3a, and the price is, of course, increasing for a larger, more expensive model. There is also a promotion that offers a free phone with BOGO. The entire Pikel line is sold at T-Mobile at 9:00 PST.


In the end, Sprint is the second major operator that adds Google phones to its line. Picels 3a and Picell 3a KSL are the first devices that run on Sprint, and as Verizon and T-Mobile you can get all three color variants. Sales start at midnight CST.


In an unexpected discovery, Google also brings its own Pixel line to Visible, an operator operating on the Verizon network with affordable prices for unlimited plans. Pic 3a costs only $ 17 / month with Visible, with Pikel 3a KSL comes in $ 20 / month. This carrier also "saves" significant savings this summer.

US Cellular

The last carrier offered by Piccola 3a and 3a KSL is US Cellular. However, at the time of writing this text, only premium Pikel 3 and 3 KSL are on the carrier's website. I assume that Picels 3a and 3a KSL are not far behind them because they are confirming that they are coming.

Where to buy Google Pikel 3a Unlocked

Update 5/16: Amazon

In a somewhat unexpected move, Google seems to officially sell Pikel 3a and Pikel 3a KSL through Amazon. He first noticed Droid-Life, ads for both devices are on massive retail at a standard price of $ 399 and $ 479, officially sold by Amazon.

Google officially sells some of its products, such as Pikelbook, Picell Slate and Chromecast via Amazon, but this is the first time that smart phone companies are available. There are no promotions as you will see from other traders on this list, and at the time of writing, the inventory is either reduced or late depending on the model.

Google Store

Probably the best way to buy Picell is to buy it unlocked, and the same is true for more affordable Picels 3a and 3a KSL. Where to buy it? There is no better choice than the Google Store. With the unlocked version of the phone directly from Google, you will be able to add Google's Preferential Care Warranty, log off with the official accessory, and use Google Finance Options if necessary.

Additionally, you will also be able to select from each individual version of the phone I You get $ 100 Google Store credit from any device (US only).

Best purchase

Another option to unlock and sell operators to Pikel 3a is Best Bui. A vast electronics vendor will sell Pikel 3a and Picell 3a KSL in Just Black, Clear Whit and Purple-ish. You can order online or take advantage of your chances. Best Bui locations will buy the phone today, but the number of options varies depending on the location. Retail also offers $ 100

B & H Photo

If you want to save a few dollars on sales tax or data plans, B & H Photo is your place. Retail will not have a stock for Pikel 3a line for some time, but when this happens, devices will be shipped with a 3-month Mint Mobile service, a $ 100 B & H gift card and no sales tax with a Paiboo credit card.

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