Wednesday , March 22 2023

Xbox All Access can offer a console, games and live at $ 35 a month


Microsoft can offer Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass for $ 35 a month (about Rs. 2,450) through a program called Xbox All Access. Although it has yet to be officially announced by the company, a report from Windsor Central indicates that it will begin with the only offer in the US, which would explain why it was not announced at Gamescom 2018 – a European event. And while Xbox Live X, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass can run at $ 35, paying $ 22 (about $ 1.540) would be free of Xbox One, Xbox Live, and Xbox Live Game.

"We heard that Microsoft will soon plan a debate on a new monthly subscription service called" Xbox All Access ", which offers the cheapest way to get the Xbox, Xbox Live and Xbox Live Game console.

As always, plans can (and do) change, but if what we've heard is true, Microsoft wants to reveal its new Xbox All Access service later this month. If you're wondering why that was not announced at Gamescom 2018 in Germany, that's because it looks like it's just for the US. The service originally prompted Tom Varren of The Verge, since then we have confirmed some more details with our own sources, "Jezer Corden" for Windows Central.

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While the plan based on subscriptions for Xbox hardware looks like a logical conclusion for Microsoft, given its focus on Xbox Game Game, it's interesting to see how it would benefit from the current business game development model. Especially with large publishers like Ubisoft, who agree with the lack of such services to them.

"I'm actually watching subscription games as an inhibition of our progress, and I'll give you two examples: it's one with PS Now. I think it's a great technology for streaming content for people, but we do not make money as a publisher – we do not make the same amount money, as you would even put up for sale. So why are you trying, from the point of view of the viewer ?, "Ubisoft's Chris Early in conversation with the GamesBeat.

"Technology is great for players, I can play anywhere now! It's a great technology that is banned from the business model, so fill the PlayStation Plus plugin so you can play any game you own on any device you own. It's starting to let people adopt this streaming concept in more places. You'll be able to get to where you have more people focused on streaming.

There is a similar challenge to your business model. We see that it works. We are believers. You have closed the subscription plan, where publishers are not able to earn. On the other hand, you can only sell the game and allow people to have a five minute experience while downloading it or paying you an additional cost so you can continue to get quick access in many other places. With a subscription, it just gives up. "

We will not be surprised to see that certain games are unavailable to Xbox All Access for future reasons for business reasons like this one. What is being said, for countries like India, where Xbox One does not have a big presence on the market compared to the Sony PS4 model, it could be a game changer. While Microsoft had not announced plans to launch Xbox All Access India, we contacted the company and updated this story, if we hear from it.

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