Thursday , February 9 2023

Bibi Gaitan illuminates the net with her daughter's photo in a "mini" dress


Alejandra, the daughter of Bibi Gaitan and Eduard Kapetil, celebrated her 19th birthday, and social networks exploded when she saw her tinted figure.

Through her Instagram account, Bibi Gaitan posted a photo of Alejandra, however, she could not imagine the anger she was challenging.

The picture shows the young woman sitting on the sofa, looking down and wearing a controversial blue blue dress with white details.

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Also, a former member of Timbiriche devoted some of her emotional words to her daughter.

"Today, 19 years ago, you abandoned our lives to enlighten them, to fill us with love and to infuse us with joy. I love you, beautiful baby, and since you were born, we made you feel very proud of you. forever, "an emotional mother wrote.

Similarly, Alejandra Capetillo Gaitan quickly responded to her mother's words.

"I love you, Mommy! Thank you for everything," he said.

Quickly, the picture has reached 26,000 'characters' and exceeded 200 comments.

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The Gaitan followers did not hesitate to congratulate his daughter and make him see how good he looks at his 19 years.

"Happy birthday, Ale", "happy birthday to your beautiful daughter", "you are the same as your mom", "your daughters, just like you", "Bibi, congratulations and blessings for your daughter", "just like their parents, "" many congratulations to your princess, very beautiful, just like mom, God bless you "," whiskey girls are beautiful, "" your daughters should take part in Miss Mecca, of course, win, they are very sweet, like your mother " , "beautiful", "how beautiful your daughter is, Bibi. It's just like you," "mother-in-law," "she's all princess, Linda," the fans said.

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