Sunday , October 2 2022

BUAP student and his brother is a great student; parents seek justice



Saul and Ivonne, aged 21 and 19, were elderly family brothers, working on helping their parents and paying for their studies.

I dream Ivonne he had to end his career as a criminologist BUAP, his brother wanted to be a court doctor.

She tells me, mother, if that scholarship comes to me, the first God, I will rest, I will stop working a bit, so I can dedicate myself to studies, "said Maria, mother Ivonne and Saul.

The boy left, Monday was his first day of bachelor, "added Santiago, the father of young people killed in a grocery store that tried to stop the attack.

Last Monday they had to work together, something unusual. They arrived at five o'clock in the afternoon Shop Santa Ana, is located on the street Progreso in the Akuiles Serdan colony.

Two hours later they arrived Three items, one of them took his own lives.

Parents told him Image Nevs Puebla what her daughter was still alive when she arrived, However, when an ambulance arrived, it already lost its life.

U The colony is afraid, there are several attacks, criminals work with total impunity, even the parents of the brothers Flores Rei demand that they do not show their face for fear of retaliation from criminals.

They come with weapons, there are usually six, actually in Fuentes II, while people do not lock in the shed at 5 and 6 in the morning, people who are going to walk is already a very uncertain space, but they do not work too late, "said the neighbor.

This day attached with friends, neighbors and school friends, tomorrow at Thursday will be his funeral at 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

I ask you to do justice because it's not fair that they were killed by me, "said Reinalda, grandmother of the young.

I'm just asking the authorities that justice is for my children, I know they will not bother me, but I can avoid other tragedies in other families, "said mother's mother.

Now it happened to us, we do not know tomorrow and we ask the authorities in charge of security to do something so that "the children of Puebla, Puebla youth who study as our children, study and work, which is not fair, what happened to us and what happened to them, "added Santiago.


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