Monday , March 27 2023

Damn surroundings in Zocalo; night of peace and dance


The Mexican band La Maldita Vecindad and Los Hijos del Quinto Patio set the mood of thousands of people this evening on the network of the capital of Zocalo, as part of the Iouth Veek edition of 2018.

This group led by singer Roco Pachukote was a cherry on a cake on the first day of the concerts, which is organized by the Institute for Youth every year and integrates artistic and cultural activities for several days.

The group that has for over three decades won the love of her companion left the pleasure of all the attendees at Plaza de la Constitucion, where they sounded the greatest successes.

In addition to singing, the vocalist collaborated with his people, threw good vibrations and held euphoric music lovers who danced and sang at the top of the lungs, such as the "Great Circus", "Pata de Perro" and "El Cocodrilo".

"We will eliminate negativity, are you ready for the band?" Roco asked on this outdoor platform in the heart of the Historical Center.

Immediately all the people raised and shook their hands, "that all the bad things disappear and came good," the interpreter told his fans, who were dressed in his traditional jacket and hat.

With a happy heart and energy, the group encouraged children in that area that was protected by security elements and where there were some emergency cars to attend any emergency situation.

Zacalo was full of people who saw the members of La Maldita Vecindada, who made their music, while the national flag waved and people hugged their escorts.

Some of the most popular songs were the cover songs "Lo pasado, pasado" and "Pachuco", which were performed before the pronunciation "Viva Mecico!"

The play "Chacahua" was ideal for hosts to pay tribute to the African culture that exists in Mexico and highlight the beauty of the beaches of Oakacan.

It's worth noting that groups such as Lost Acapulco, Instituto Mekicano del Sonido, Los Rastrillos and LNG / SHT were also presented during the day.

For this Saturday, Rei Pila, Comisario Pantera, Titan, DLD and Pikies will be on the Zocalo scene.


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