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Demi Rose wins Tunisia in the bathrobe & style of Kleopatra & # 39;

Demi Rose she herself inserted a picture into Instagram herself dressed in a little seasoned clothes during a visit Tunisia.

The curvi model attracted the attention of their fans posing in front of the camera barely covered ухтите всесуит panels discovered in the Kleopatra style.

This design Joselin Canon Svimvear The price is $ 100 and is available in website brand.

The colorful sofa served the British to point out their own famous bend in the semi-direct position, while directing his feline look towards the lost point in the room.

She highlighted her beauty by combing her hair back and drawing her facial features neutral makeup, composed of lips offer, blush peaches and black eyelashes.

So far, the clip, which is part of his last photographic footage Danni de Santos, exceeds 200 thousand likes and more than a thousand comments.


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In addition to this click, the celebrity shared another photo with a Tini bikini blue with black and gold details of the same brand of swimsuit.

In this publication, Demi he boasted with his figure of the sundown while he was posing on his back, his eyes staring at him in the camera lens.

He added glamor using a gold necklace, perfect makeup in dark tones, and her long wet hair in dull waves on her back.

This picture reaches half a million likes and more than three thousand fans commenting on his beauty.

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According to information from Daili Mail, model Your & # 39; s sand hour & # 39; He works with a strenuous routine exercises which includes work on hips, squats and jumps, while alternately balanced children rich in fish, vegetables and nuts.

"I'm trying to stay healthier. With trips, it's hard to practice, I'm traveling all over the world, but I'm trying to keep my routine," Rose said.

In addition, he admits that his body easily gets on weight, limiting food and avoiding cakes. The most "fat" you eat is peanut butter and nuts.


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