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Diego Ventura pardons a bull in the first run of the Great Season


Rejoneador Diego Ventura He made a triumphant return to Mexico, pardoning bulls from the ranks of Enrique Fragua in front of more than 40,000 people who nearly filled the Insurgentes arena in the first round of the Great Season.

Enrique Ponce took a protest ear and Octavio Garcia "El Paio" was injured in the right thigh.

Barrle's disappointing run, poorly represented and without power or caste, did not give the opportunity to the killers and adversely opposed the courage of the Spirit, the pardoned bull.

In more than 70 years of history, the lateral district has not been pardoned in La Plaza Mexico until February 11th, in the last series of the previous Great Season.

The destination wanted to be pacified in the first round of the new cycle of bikefoktura in Mexico City, the second bull of the area on the beach of the capital.

In February, Andy Cartagena pardoned a noble bull and a large reel, Ventura He saved the lives of a brave animal with intense firmness.

In addition, "Phantom" was a scapegoat in every attack, always seeking the auction from the bottom to the top, with infinite greed.

Ventura He realized that the wearer of the "Ghost", who was wearing restraint, stuck his stomach through the whole circle of albero-as well as his hardness, with a wide range of cuts, some of which crossed.

The Rayon player was particularly punishable with penalties. Short banners were great emotions; the driver put his forehead in the face of bulls lately, who launched an application for unanimous pardon for laying.

There was still time Ventura he left the saddle with a pedestrian walkway, passed on to the bull, who did not want to leave the ring, nor leave the cloth for the attack.

The rest of the bull fighting was conditioned by the poor cattle that iron today Kueretaro presented.

Enrique Ponce scored an ear in his first ticket which gave only one unfinished round.

The forced "poncin" lit the lines, and the Valencian shooter held the public's enjoyment with loose passages to the bull who, on the other hand, had no mobility and fell to the ground as soon as his hand was lowered. The greatest merit of Ponca was to hold him on his feet.

Separate but precise thrust was caused by a moderate demand of the ear where the judge attended. The protest against the trophy was touched.

With his second Ponce could not do anything, the bloody and angry bull's bullock served to fight someone.

El Paio was out of place with his first bull and was exposed to the other, taking the burning in his right thigh. That bull was the best of those who sent Barral's iron for his caste and strength.

El Paio NTR Zacatecas

Luis David Adam could not do anything with his bulls. Yes, his banderiller Gustavo Campos left two good couples who were worthy of him to cure the laying.

Afternoon expectations are fulfilled in connection with re-emergence after six years Diego Ventura and to leave a new pardon, the fact that in bullfighting should never be a norm, but an exception.


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