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Dorados and Mineros are equal in the first part


Culiacan, Sinaloa Dorados de Sinaloa he could not take advantage of his home town and ended his association with Mineros de Zacatecas in the first match of the 2018 Apertura Ascenso MKS tournament. Now the Sinaloa team will have to win in Saturday's return to advance to the semi-finals of the championship.

It was the first time of several arrivals and without a clear dominator. Mineros played the ball in search of "sparkling" Roberto Nursa; would be Golden Vinicio Angulo was very attacking himself. The sword was closed, but Golden it was the one who was more likely to open the score at the beginning thanks to the opponent's mistake. Goalkeeper Andres Fassi was wrong at the exit: the ball remained Edson Rivera, took one and hit the right of the visit. And so, with 0-0 they went to rest.

Second time Diego Maradona modified, he entered Facundo Juarez and Juan Galindrez, who replaced the debutante Jose Lugo. An improvement was immediately observed in the Great Fishing Offensive. Edson Rivera missed another danger when he finished only after the corner. However, the goal keeper missed the goal with a great throw to the left post.

Galindrez hit his head after the real service, but Fassi again avoided good savings.

Photo: DEBATE.

The third change in Sinaloan was Pedro Renteria's entrance, and Culian was close to wearing as a hero, but Juan Galindrez made a "bear" for years. The renter was flooded to the left and switched to Colombia, so nothing else pushed and, without the goalkeeper, outwardly outward.

In the end, Minerosi had their own, there were five visitors in the counterattack before two Sinaroen, and Sergio Vergara was defined with a shot on the left side of Gaspar Servia.

The second game will be on Saturday at 3:00 am in Zacatecas, which will be broadcast on Fok Sport. Dorados will be in the league only if they win in the round, because Mineros will be tied for the best position on the general table.

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