Thursday , March 4 2021

Ekatlon Mekico: CONFIRMED! Ernesto Cazares from HEROES will be released this week, January 17th

According to various publications, the winner of the first season will face Daniel and Ken in the Elimination Duel


This week, January 17, followers Ekatlon: Heroes vs Titans one of the witnesses will testify Elimination matches that could set the course for the 2020-21 season.

Despite all the controversy in which the members of the red team play, it will be the members of the Heroes, who must fire one of their favorite and most prominent athletes in the competition.

According to “Keila, Queen of Robbers”, the members of the Hero who will be measured in Elimination duel son Daniel Noiola, Keno Martell and Ernesto Cazares, who returned to competition a few days ago after the first expulsion.

The first to fight the test would be Daniel, so the new eliminated will be defined between a close confrontation between Keno and Ernest, the winner of the first season.

To the surprise of all the fans, Ernesto will lose the Elimination Duel for the second time and will end his adventure in the new season of Ecatlon Mexico.

A few weeks ago, Ernesto Cazares returned to the competition after fans of the show voted for him to return after suffering his first elimination.

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