Tuesday , May 30 2023

Faitelson, Hugo Sanchez and Tomas Boi scream and insult LIVE


David Faitelson, Hugo Sanchez and Tomas Boi They presented a rough discussion during the night Spice football, a star program from ESPN in Mexico.

Emission, guided by Jose Ramon Fernandez, it went smoothly, with a remote interview Gabriel Caballerocoach Juarez, the team League of Ascent.

"Periodistila," Faitelson says

However, Faitelson when "on" Hugo Sanchez he asked Knight explain the answer if it considers them well Tomas Boi as serious candidates for steering the election Mexico and Argentina.

Faitelson was looking for seriousness, but then he said that "Mexican technicians do not exist in the world, they do not exist!", Which caused angry reactions Sanchez and Boi.

First, "Hugol"invited several times"malinchista"a Faitelson, accusing him of preferring South American coaches for Threewhile Tomas Boi went further and called "journalist"to the driver, questioning his career in the media.

"They know you all over the world or what? "he asked Boyfriend a Faitelson, who said that he was injured by comments.

Jose Ramon Fernandez stopped the discussion and demanded respect Gabriel Caballero, who listened to laughing.

The guy's sorry

Later, Joserra said he hurt the term "Periodistila"and noticed that though perhaps Tomas Boi "I was in a bad mood," it was not a question of raising controversy for no reason, but a debate on sports topics.

In view of this, near the end of the program, Tomas Boi He offered an apology Faitelson, who said he was a friend. "I passed"he started a former coach, who at any time defended his record at the benches and even discovered that he had offers for direct entry South America i Spain.

Hugo SanchezFor his part, he repeated his intention to train real Madrid and for now he has started a debate again Faitelson.

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