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Gabriel Soto returned with the recordings “Do You Remember Me?” and eluded re-examining his intimate video

(Photo: Instagram by Gabriela Soto)
(Photo: Instagram by Gabriela Soto)

Gabriel Soto He preferred to run away from the press and hide in the place of the telenovela Do you remember me?, For not to mention the diffusion of intimate video which went viral last month: “I already said what I had to say on Instagram.

The actor continued to work in the production of Carmen Armendariz, where he was intercepted by various media in search of a statement that never came.

Soto got out of his camper and hurried to approach the filming location., although this did not prevent him from being questioned in connection with a sex video that was posted on Twitter a few weeks ago and for which could take various lawsuits under Olympic law.

“What I had to say on the subject, I have already said on Instagram,” highlighted in the video he held Windows, Azteca TV show.

Although he avoided being questioned about his intimate affair, he appreciated the presence of the media at his meeting and even worried about them when he tried to escape.

“Thank you very much guys. Sorry “, he said before disappearing behind the huge soap opera gate.

The Mexican melodrama production took care of and supported Gabriel Soto on his return from work, so they even tried to drag him to another door so that he would not be questioned again.

“It simply came to our notice then. We brought everything to the set, even the food … The joke is that he has already left, so they are no longer here “, commented a person who went out late at night to talk to reporters.

At the end of December, an intimate video of Gabriel Soto was shared, who accepted ownership of the material and assured that the spread was about revenge.

Gabriel Soto talks about an intimate video that leaked on social media

“So what can I say … Enjoy! What a violation of my privacy! “he wrote on his Twitter account. A few hours later, he also spoke on Instagram: “I am fully responsible for this issue and I want to ask my friends in the media for full support in treating this with the utmost care to ensure the well-being of my daughters and my partner. Thank you very much for your support and understanding and take good care. “

Irina Baeva, Soto’s partner, defended him and assured him that these were the most affected daughters that the actor had with Geraldine Bazan.

“Gabriel as my partner, as the man I am with and when I love, currently has my full support and all my trust. And well, the only thing I would like to ask you is that everyone let’s have respect for such a delicate topic, because there are two girls“He said in an interview with the program Tell me what you know.

Geraldine Bazan also referred to Alice Marie and Alex Miranda, who described the broadcast as “quite embarrassing for him and too embarrassing for my daughters.”

She also denied that she was responsible for leaking videos of this kind: “It’s an absolute lie. Yes, I want to clarify, at no time, have I ever received a video like this from my relationship. ” He was honest about the Telemundo entertainment program.

Gabriel Soto appeared on social media next to Irina Baeva, with whom he celebrated his arrival in 2021. Both personalities were happy to see each other in Acapulco, while the actor’s daughters enjoyed the party on the Riviera Maya near Bazan.

The three were seen at a party with live musicians and with very few guests, where they could play, sing and take various photos of their celebration.

As the magazine reports TViNovelas, there are already two groups that approached the actor to channel their grievances and organized to defend him and find the person or persons responsible for disseminating private material.


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