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Giants vs. Dodgers – Match report – 12 October 2021


LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Los Angeles Dodgers, for the second time in less than a week in danger of being eliminated, have kept the same peaceful strategy.

His 52,935 fans went wild on Tuesday to celebrate a 7-2 victory over the San Francisco Giants, forcing a decisive fifth game in the National League series.

Mookie Betts returned home and drove in three races, Will Smith scored another home run, and defensive Dodgers from the World Series kept their season alive. Last Wednesday, they beat St. Louis Cardinals in a game with National League cards.

“Everyone was calm, relaxed in some way, and they wanted to play,” Betts said. “It’s not that we’re suddenly going to start hitting harder or throwing further or faster or whatever. It’s the same game we played. It’s just a win or we’re going home.”

The Giants, who have amassed 107 wins, will host the Dodgers on Thursday with 106 wins. The winner will face the Atlanta Braves in the National League Champions Series. Braves eliminated Milwaukee Brevers earlier Tuesday.

“They know us, we know them very well,” Smith said. “It will depend on who wants it a little more.

San Francisco beat NL West in one game over the Dodgers, in a historic competition that lasted until the last day of the regular season. Now two opponents will decide to win one game.

“This is what baseball wants,” said Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. “We’ll be the only show in town. If you’re breathing or love sports, you better take a look at the Dodgers-Giants.”

In Game 3, the Dodgers had just five goals and lost 1-0, their second exclusion, leaving them on the brink of elimination. By Tuesday, they already had five goals for the second inning, so they eventually added 12 to support Buehler’s short but effective outing, after a three-day dismissal.

After the Dodgers ’9-2 win in Game 2, Buehler went to Roberts and said he wanted to open the 4th game after a short break for the first time in his career. The right-hander allowed one run and three goals in 4 1/3 shifts. He hit four and walked on 71 pitches.

“I really feel great,” Buehler said. “Probably the best in the second half of the year. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow, but I feel great tonight.”

After allowing Evan Longorie’s single to open the episode and walking pincher Steven Duggar, Buehler elicited a standing ovation from 52,935 fans in blue.

Dodgers retired the Giants, Anthony DeSclafani, in the second round. DeSclafani lost after allowing two rounds and five goals. He hit two.

For giants Wilmer Flores 1-0. Colombian Donovan Solano 2-0.

For Dodgers, Albert Pujols 1-0.

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