Saturday , January 16 2021

In 2020, 90,000 people died of diabetes, many of them due to lack of drugs: Carlos Castro

Carlos Castro, president of the ALE association, IAP, said in an interview with La Silla Roja that in 2020, 90 thousand people died of diabetes and many of them because they did not receive insulin.

“There is no coherent voice, directed planning of what will be the replacement of the national insurance, because although it is true, the pandemic created all the forgotten patients, and those are patients with catastrophic diseases.” “Last year, 90,000 people died of diabetes, many of them due to a lack of insulin,” the specialist explained.

“Kidney diseases, including the effects of diabetes, are the number 2 cause of death, and these diseases are not curable, because health was forgotten and abandoned during the pandemic,” added Victor Piz and Leonardo Kourchenko in a conversation with Enrique Quintan.

The expert added that consultations for chronic diseases dropped by 80 percent, while the lack of insulin increased by 88 percent from May to August 2020, focusing only on COVID-19.

He added that 40 percent of kidney patients infected with coronavirus die, while 35 percent of patients with respiratory lung diseases die from the virus.

That number reaches 28 percent in the case of cardiovascular disease, 23 percent in the case of hypertension, 25 percent in immunosuppressive patients and 10 percent in patients with asthma.

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