Monday , April 12 2021

ISS League: David Medrano, a victim of crimes in Guadalajara, was shot dead

The huge fear experienced by the journalist of TV Azteca, David Medrano Felix, who told how he was a victim of organized crime, because he was intercepted by two fellow journalists Armed group during a trip to Tepatitlan, Jalisco, for transmission by party radio Club Tepatitlan on the ICS Expansion League.

Medrano briefly recounted the incident on social media, assuring that it was at the height of Akatić, a municipality and town in the Altos Sur region of Jalisco, where they were intercepted by four entities, who pointed at him and two other journalists.

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An Aztec journalist admitted that the criminals let them continue on a safe path, thanks to the fact that they identified them as sports journalists.

“Yesterday we traveled to Tepatitlan to broadcast the game Tepa, together with Jeronimo Camberos and Raimund Gonzalez, in Acatic we were intercepted by 4 guys who pointed their rifles at us and when we were positioned as journalists they let us go. “God saved us, no doubt,” said David.

Who is David Medrano Felik?

David Medrano was born in Zacatecas in 1965, and began his career as a radio reporter in 1983, a work that continues to this day.

Since 1995, he has remained in the ranks of Azteca TV, where he was part of the tables for the analysis of programs such as DeporTV and Los Protagonistas, and is also the initial host of the Personal Marking program.

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