Wednesday , March 22 2023

"Macabre" is a challenge that encourages young people to pretend to be kidnapped for entertainment


This week, State Secretary of State of Mexico Tabasco issued a warning about the "terrible" challenge that has become strong in the region through social networks, which encourages young people and adolescents to voluntarily leave.

It is about "Challenge 48 hours"," Dangerous Game "that encourages participants to leave the house and remain without any contact with their relatives during that time period, and then suddenly appear.

According to the Tabasco Prosecutor's Office, The game starts when relatives or friends of the person taking part in this challenge report the alleged disappearance in social networks in order to get as many points as possible.

"Parents are warned of this macabre challenge that could jeopardize the lives of their children and the serenity of their families can be seriously affected", Indicates a warning.

He appeared in Spain

Local media reported that the Computer Crime Investigation Unit began investigating this phenomenon after a 12-year-old girl disappeared last week, which will be found a day later without evidence that she has been violated. But later, the prosecutor ruled that this young woman was participated in this challenge, or was kidnapped, but he was absent for personal reasons.

In addition, Tabasco lawyer, Fernando Valenzuela Pernas, explained that the "Challenge 48 hours" It appeared in Spain, but that through social networks he arrived to Mexico, and especially to Tabasco, so the Cibernetic Police is already studying any case that could be linked.

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