Monday , November 29 2021

Maradona celebrated the euphoric transition to the semifinals


After receiving the semifinals Opening 2018 u Ascent MKS, Diego Armando Maradona He celebrated the euphoric yet another step in the dream of the title, which began in mid-September.

The Argentine strategist arrived between critics on the bench sinaloense And today he has a team in four games of the championship. After the victory, Diego emphasized the efforts of his players to go Rudari Zacatecas, at your court.

"I told you we won, many boys have these boys, many eggs have guys!", Maradona celebrated at the end of the meeting.

Maradona could not leave his impressions after the match at a press conference due to expulsion that he suffered in the first match and ended the match, due to the referee's assertion. However, he left another phrase not to forget in his walk with Big Fish

Dorados first semifinalist in Ascent MKS

Luis Islas, Diego Armando Maradona's assistant, made it clear that there is an illusion in Donados not to fight for the title alone, but to win it.

"The illusion that the first championship was the first win that was important for 4-1, and then qualifying for Liguilla, which also seemed complicated. Now it was supposed to beat Mineros and to leave them, it was achieved. Continue to progress as much as possible and keep dreaming. The characteristic of this team is that it has a well-marked idea, order and pressure on any court, to go and look for matches. " designated islands.

Islas highlighted the energy Maradona sends, which is a pillar in a motivational sense, which affected this: "We are doing a full week of normal, what Diego generals does not generate, it's unique, it's an important plus that we have. We are very happy with Diego, the leaders, the players, the fans, it seems to me that this is a set of things that progress on a daily basis" .

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